Happy Friday!!!

Thankfully we have all come through a week, having had its fair share of triumphs and challenges, rain and sunshine, progresses and setbacks. Since we are all here, it is safe to say, we have attained some level of triumph over the week itself. 

Productivity Increase

We hope this Black History month has, thus far, incited renewed passion and inspiration in all of us, as we work on ourselves to transform our families, places of work and our nation. Today, we send you off into the weekend, which for most is packed with a different type of work than on the job. You may need a little down time. “Do only the things you love, whilst procrastinating.” Is this giving us unlimited permission to procrastinate? Even if, do not over-procrastinate, but a little doesn’t hurt.


As we continue to observe Black History Month, PFS puts our ‘Dream’ twist on it. Here is what Malcolm X has to say: “You can always chase a dream, but it will not count if you never catch it.” Basically, Malcolm is saying what PFS has been, in a different way, for your dream to work and be actualised, you have to work; otherwise it’s just a thought. Regardless of shifted focus in the country’s landscape, wasn’t it to all our benefit, that our ancestors had dreams?

As usual, PFS sends you off into a safe and responsible weekend; where you are vigilant, you spend wisely and get some time to relax, amidst all the chores. Have a good one family!!!!



Happy Friday!!!!

Isn’t it something to behold: how the days are just sprinting by?


Already we are in the 10th month of 2016. Our country is already revered for the speed of our sprinters. Couple years down that line, that time will be less and less, as our boys and girls get faster and faster. How is it possible?

Speaking of Sprinting, the Sprint King himself has endorsed for the ‘second time around’ the JN Foundation Heroes in Action Run, to take place in Trelawny. It is a good thing when those we look up to prove to us that they too are concerned with the social development of our country. Good Job JN Foundation!!! To the World Usain Bolt Foundation!!!

On a side note: what are your feeling regarding the millions to be spent erecting statutes of our most decorated athletes in the National Stadium?

Another matter we will need your opinion on is how you believe Domestic Violence affects our families and society as a whole. It is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and PFS is playing our part in the wheel. Domestic Violence takes many forms, intimidation, accusation, manipulation (emotional and financial). Any action that is intended to make the partner feel less than worthy and powerless in a relationship, is a form of abuse.

Did you know that more than 30% of murders are domestic in nature. It means that if we look out for the early signs, we can implement counter measures, that will stem the rise of disturbances and upheaval that displaces the most elemental unit of our society: the family.

 National Heroes is the coming Monday, and PFS will give you the review of the national awardees, next week.

On a lighter note: today is Friday and PFS is saying ‘wrap up your week up in fine style’ and unwind over the weekend. Remember to spend wisely and if you are participating in any social event, be vigilant of your surroundings and always secure a back-up plan.

Have a Happy Friday and weekend PFS family!!