Hello April!!!!

We are all of 3 days into the first month of the second quarter. Is that a lot to take in? Nevertheless, each new day, new month etc., always offer an opportunity to make the necessary changes that all will add value to our quality of life and the lives of those around us. 

It is always best to start any work week  on a productive note. Today in team productivity, we look at:

Communication and the standards of maintaining a flow of important information. Encourage your team to be not only independent thinkers but also problem solvers. This way, before there is an influx of questions, concerns or problems facing any project; incite a culture of everyone coming with solutions. This is more time effective and it only adds value to the team and the success of the project. Important updates, decisions and the like, should be the focal point of communicating. More time is spent working.

Our inspirational quote for this week is simple:

“Do not lose of your dreams and ambitions. For if you do, you may still exist, but you may cease to live.” Henry David Thoreau.

Remember that your personal goals, also, must be aligned as close as possible to the timeline you had given yourself. What did you set down to accomplish this week? Is there anything you need to redo this month, in a different way, using a different strategy?

And to speak further on goals:

How has the first quarter seen your finances? We hope by now, that most households have re-penciled their budgets to still be able to maintain quality of life. Despite the odds that many households may face, we pray that your standard of living has not been diminished, except as minimally as possible.

PFS sends you off to another productive week, encouraging you to capitalize on any opportunity that comes, that is aligned with your goals.