Target Tuesdays

It is the second work day of this week, and by now you would have gotten your stride and channeled your focus on tasks in order of priority. Dependent on the nature of your job (and no one should know your job more than you do….) you may find that you work best at a certain time. 

Using all your senses in any experience is one way to improve the accuracy of memory retention, it also keeps the mind sharp. Target your most difficult tasks at the point where your mind is most open and ready to explore answers and solutions. A way to improve performance noticeably, is to effectively prioritize your brain use, and how much energy you expend on different tasks.

At the moment throughout the day when your mind is at its sharpest; target those tasks that are the hardest. Complete these tasks and this boosts your self confidence whilst putting your mind at ease.

Our School season tip is: Teach your children how to appreciate money. When children get the basic concept of what it takes to get money ( the hard work and sacrifices of Mommy and Daddy), then they will become more thoughtful spenders. It is the prime time to introduce them to healthy money practices. Practice becomes permanent. When they get older this money education will have stayed with them.

PFS shares the sentiments that #LifeHack have made available for all to see. We believe (and have said it on numerous occasions) that once you know what is really important in your life, then you have plotted your life’s course and know what you need to do to live a life of fulfillment.

Have a blessed week PFS family!!!!



Productive Tuesday wishes from Proactive…

It is a sunny Tuesday on the island (#though it is never too late for a shower of rain) and as our friends usually like to plagiarize, “what cannot be accomplished on a day like today?”

If you believe Tuesday is not a good day to be productive, then expert surveyors may have to beg to disagree. In fact, they champion the notion that Tuesday are in fact the day when you settle down to achieve tasks for your work week; Mondays are more like a recap. However, there may be an agree to disagree on whether or not this same task can be done on Mondays (starting your work week at the beginning of your work week), which is how we encourage that you spend Fridays reviewing week of past and planning week ahead.

At the end of the day: seek to discover what works best for you and which structure unearths the most productivity out of your week. And don’t be selfish, do share.

productivity focus
PFS knows that you have also graduated from the myth that being busy automatically means you are being productive.

With all that said, PFS wishes you the most productive in a series of many productive weeks (to come) and we invite you to impart what you have discovered when it comes to productivity and share it within your circles. It is our hope too, that your talents are being appropriately used and that you are encouraging others to appropriate their talents in whatever tasks they have set before them.

your talent is gods gift
Encourage all to discover their God-given talents and then use them.