Happy MONDAY!!!!

As today marks Local Government Election Day, PFS encourages all customers to be safe in conducting their daily businesses; for those inclined to voting, PFS is heartened by your exercising of your right to do so. 

Throughout the day’s proceedings, we encourage ALL to conduct their various businesses in vigilance, courtesy and mutual respect for all. Respect others’ opinions, just as how you wish them to respect yours.
PFS’ Productivity tip for the start of the week is: “Set up Productivity rituals.” This simply means you practice, until it becomes ingrained, to set out your key tasks to be accomplished each day. PFS has said this before and this simple outline can be done on the day before or on the morning of which you need to accomplish your tasks. It is always good to have a clear and firm idea, how you will achieve goals set out by your department/ manager.

Remember, productivity and consistently seeking to maximize on your available resources, using talents and achieving your company’s bottom-line, are all aimed at giving you a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction from what you have accomplished.

PFS will be opened until 2:00 pm today, as we too observe the local government elections. Remember, if you are working and can do Salary Deductions, you can apply for a personal loan at our new, central location, 8 Eureka Crescent.
Visit us today and let one of our experienced Credit Officers, guide you through our application process, focusing on your needs and helping to provide you with the most affordable repayment options. Come see us today!!!!

Whatever the outcome of the Elections, PFS remains “your partner in Finance.”