Good news for the Holidays!!!

PFS says Happy Thanksgiving Eve to our customers, whose families are abroad. We encourage you to send your loving words to them and make an extra effort to communicate with them at this time, it is family oriented holiday. Now is an ideal time, to use technology to be close to them, whether it is family or relatives. Of course, we don’t get the day off, but keep them in mind just the same.

The holidays are coming up and some of us may already be feeling anxious of what special plans they will put on for the holidays. It’s best to start shopping early, like any other season, and again have a budget, to control your spending.

Even if it is to take advantage of a bargain, it is important to still know your money.

Our mid-week productivity tip: “Learn from others.” Is there an individual that you look up  and admire certain traits and virtues. This can reap you benefits in the professional environment. Success is a subjective term, but it is always good to know and surround yourself with people that are motivated and constantly work to increase their productivity. You may see them constantly changing processes, to make way for quicker results, ideally without compromising quality. You can learn from these people. People who looks “as though they have their lives together and their wits about them.” It is better to admire and aspire after traits of those we deem success rather than the fruits of success that we may see.