PFS gives you benefits: Happy Holidays!!!

PFS says congratulations to all our customers that have benefited from our “the more you pay, the more you benefit” promotion!!! This holiday seasons only gets better when your partner in Finance, increases what you pay by up to 10-20%. Just think, you are making your scheduled installment and we are increasing that amount!!!! It is our way of saying thank you for making us your partner for 2016!!!
And this week is the tentative week for most of us, especially those of us that do not have flexible working hours. We have all worked hard, saved from our income and made sacrifices to ensure that during the holiday season, we are surrounded by the people we love and we treat those around us, even if it once for the year. Our safe shopping tip is: “Use ATMs in highly populated areas, preferably during the day.” PFS encourages you all to remain courteous and kind as you go about your busy days. Also be understanding, it is highly possible that the next person is just as busy as you are, with even more responsibilities. Kindness goes a far way.
Productivity Increase
Our productive inspiration this week comes from Paul Meyer, “Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort.” Fully endorsed by PFS, Mr. Meyers, so for all who believe productivity cannot be achieved during the holidays, enough planning and effort may not have been invested. Up your game today!!

With all this said PFS wishes all out customers and friends a productive and fulfilling week!!!