Mid-Week Inspiration!!!

For those who are a part of PFS’ family, you will know that we take our service delivery seriously and every suggestion from our customers is carefully considered. 

As a proud Business Citizen, PFS is in turn inspired by the energy of young entrepreneurs, whose drive towards unique and innovative business ideas solves problems and in turn creates employment opportunities. It therefore makes us proud to have been supporting and encouraging entrepreneurial innovation and even traditional businesses that have been steadily earning and have more potential to earn, if greater management is practiced.
As a proud Business Citizen, PFS is in turn inspired by the energy of young entrepreneurs, whose drive towards unique and innovative business ideas solves problems and in turn creates employment opportunities. It therefore makes us proud to have been supporting and encouraging entrepreneurial innovation and even traditional businesses that have been steadily earning and have more potential to earn, if greater management is practiced.

Practical and proven advice is the best advice to get. We provide a little entrepreneurial motivation to our customers and those who have a passion and an idea, that they believe can solve a problem. Take a lesson from this couple’s page and see if it works for you and more importantly heed the positive affirmations; from one entrepreneur to another, by PFS.

We hope you have a fantastic Wednesday and encourage you to keep up the momentum that has so far kept you this week. Have an inspired one!!!



It is Friday!!!!

We have all lived another week and that is in itself, enough to be thankful for. It is warm enough temperatures out and the first week after the children have started the new school term. How was your first week???
In talking New Products today, PFS has been working on loan packages that will see tertiary students, adolescents and even community members gaining access to financing to fuel their passion; their dream. It embodies PFS’ Social Mission in delivering products and services that have positive ripples effects for our customers. We have told you the target group that we are currently tabling for; just enough to whet your appetite. Stay tuned to find out if any of these products can assist you or someone you know!!! PFS desires all our family to D.A.R.E, and in doing so, we are ensuring we do our part, especially in encouraging you all to go after what you dream….
With all that being said, PFS encourages you all to go into y our weekend to relax and restore your body. Despite all the ills of our society; if each of us decide to make a change for the better and work at it; it can be so… Have a dreamy weekend PFS family!!!




PFS gives you benefits: Happy Holidays!!!

PFS says congratulations to all our customers that have benefited from our “the more you pay, the more you benefit” promotion!!! This holiday seasons only gets better when your partner in Finance, increases what you pay by up to 10-20%. Just think, you are making your scheduled installment and we are increasing that amount!!!! It is our way of saying thank you for making us your partner for 2016!!!
And this week is the tentative week for most of us, especially those of us that do not have flexible working hours. We have all worked hard, saved from our income and made sacrifices to ensure that during the holiday season, we are surrounded by the people we love and we treat those around us, even if it once for the year. Our safe shopping tip is: “Use ATMs in highly populated areas, preferably during the day.” PFS encourages you all to remain courteous and kind as you go about your busy days. Also be understanding, it is highly possible that the next person is just as busy as you are, with even more responsibilities. Kindness goes a far way.
Productivity Increase
Our productive inspiration this week comes from Paul Meyer, “Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort.” Fully endorsed by PFS, Mr. Meyers, so for all who believe productivity cannot be achieved during the holidays, enough planning and effort may not have been invested. Up your game today!!

With all this said PFS wishes all out customers and friends a productive and fulfilling week!!!




Happy Monday!!!!

PFS will keep our greeting short, sweet and spicy today, as we wish ALL of our family a productive and highly motivated Monday.

Today’s motivational quote comes from Aristotle: “Happiness depends upon ourselves.”

Since we are all have that choice to choose happiness, let’s go forth and spread it today!!!

Stay tuned to PFS, as we do our Year in Review: PFS Style!!!

And imagine, if we brought our hearts and passions to work each day, we would find new and uniquely creative ways to make your job more satisfying. That way no one hates Monday!!!!

Have a Productive Monday!!!!!!

MidWeek Partner Motivation

As your partner in Finance, PFS makes it our duty to keep you motivated and productive; we believe these traits pave the way for an excellent work day or day at home. It is Wednesday and to help you get over the pinnacle of the week, we have a motivational quote for you: “There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will.” – Epictetus
Productivity Increase
Our Productivity tip for the middle of the work week is: “Prioritize, prioritize and prioritize some more.” Even with the most structured to-do list for the the work day, you are to expect distraction or even impromptu requests. Your job is put them in one of three categories as suggested by CEOs and entrepreneurs: ‘Can this be be done now’, ‘can this be done later’ and ‘can this be done even later’. It also does not hurt to ask the requesting party, what their expected time of completion is and give them your feedback. Never lose sight of the bigger picture and what your desk is in fact, in charge of.
The upcoming holiday, whilst may not be observed for religious reasons by all, is undoubtedly a highly festive season with a culture of family togetherness and gift giving. PFS encourages all our customers and everyone in between , to look forward to spending quality time with your loved ones this holiday.

Then there is the whole matter of actual spending; it takes spending to travel to the country or even overseas, and it would remiss of us to go with our “two long hands”. PFS understands this and we do not discourage gift giving and family dinners, but for each family member, it is good to know your budget and how much you can afford to spend. 

When you know how you much you have to spend, then you can compare it with your list of gifts, to see how much can be bought. Remember, discipline is what will make your budget work. The purpose of budgeting will be defeated, if you do not stick to it.

Have a productive and disciplined mid-week PFS family!!! 

Happy Friday!!!!

Isn’t it something to behold: how the days are just sprinting by?


Already we are in the 10th month of 2016. Our country is already revered for the speed of our sprinters. Couple years down that line, that time will be less and less, as our boys and girls get faster and faster. How is it possible?

Speaking of Sprinting, the Sprint King himself has endorsed for the ‘second time around’ the JN Foundation Heroes in Action Run, to take place in Trelawny. It is a good thing when those we look up to prove to us that they too are concerned with the social development of our country. Good Job JN Foundation!!! To the World Usain Bolt Foundation!!!

On a side note: what are your feeling regarding the millions to be spent erecting statutes of our most decorated athletes in the National Stadium?

Another matter we will need your opinion on is how you believe Domestic Violence affects our families and society as a whole. It is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and PFS is playing our part in the wheel. Domestic Violence takes many forms, intimidation, accusation, manipulation (emotional and financial). Any action that is intended to make the partner feel less than worthy and powerless in a relationship, is a form of abuse.

Did you know that more than 30% of murders are domestic in nature. It means that if we look out for the early signs, we can implement counter measures, that will stem the rise of disturbances and upheaval that displaces the most elemental unit of our society: the family.

 National Heroes is the coming Monday, and PFS will give you the review of the national awardees, next week.

On a lighter note: today is Friday and PFS is saying ‘wrap up your week up in fine style’ and unwind over the weekend. Remember to spend wisely and if you are participating in any social event, be vigilant of your surroundings and always secure a back-up plan.

Have a Happy Friday and weekend PFS family!!




Productive Tuesday wishes from Proactive…

It is a sunny Tuesday on the island (#though it is never too late for a shower of rain) and as our friends usually like to plagiarize, “what cannot be accomplished on a day like today?”

If you believe Tuesday is not a good day to be productive, then expert surveyors may have to beg to disagree. In fact, they champion the notion that Tuesday are in fact the day when you settle down to achieve tasks for your work week; Mondays are more like a recap. However, there may be an agree to disagree on whether or not this same task can be done on Mondays (starting your work week at the beginning of your work week), which is how we encourage that you spend Fridays reviewing week of past and planning week ahead.

At the end of the day: seek to discover what works best for you and which structure unearths the most productivity out of your week. And don’t be selfish, do share.

productivity focus
PFS knows that you have also graduated from the myth that being busy automatically means you are being productive.

With all that said, PFS wishes you the most productive in a series of many productive weeks (to come) and we invite you to impart what you have discovered when it comes to productivity and share it within your circles. It is our hope too, that your talents are being appropriately used and that you are encouraging others to appropriate their talents in whatever tasks they have set before them.

your talent is gods gift
Encourage all to discover their God-given talents and then use them.