Happy Thursday!!!

It is refreshing sometimes to go against the norm, and do things a little differently. Example, today being the last work day of this week, tasking PFS with wrapping Wednesday and Friday posts in one neat little bow, then send you off to a long weekend. Are you looking forward?

For all the business minded, we share with you from an entrepreneur coach, with years of experience, an article on having a practical and innovative strategy, or two, for your small business. Yaneek Page is one of Jamaica’s own and many are familiar with her work. The most valuable part of her work, is that it can apply to micro businesses, small businesses etc. Trust Yaneek Page to tackle issues that every business can relate to in one way or another. Not only is she not creating false ideologies, that no business will ever be tainted by complaints, she says ‘what do you do when your customers complain?”

Happy Easter

There are not many things, that we may plan to do this weekend, that will require serious/ hard work or concentration. Of course, PFS always encourages time to reflect and seek ways to continuously improve our lives. The span of four days can by in a blink (or as fast as time currently travels); ensure your moments are spent doing things that are meaningful to you and bring a sense of gratitude and inspiration. 

And of course, it would be uncharacteristic of us, to not encourage that you hold tight on the purse strings for this weekend; despite all the attractions and activities and fun ideas that will come, one event may lead to another and if we are not careful, we end up spent out, after the holiday has passed. Question: who made a budget for Easter? Even if it just the customary bun and cheese, certainly we don’t buy this everyday or as much as we would purchase over Easter.

With blessings of a safe, inspiring and enjoyable weekend, PFS says ‘so long, until next week’!!!




Happy Business Wednesday!!!

With no hesitation, let’s get down to business.

Entrepreneurial Advice
How does ‘Spend less than you earn sound?

Whether it sounds like something you agree with or not, this is what Derek Blair has advised you to do. With cost of living on the rise and a dollar that seems extremely ‘easy to disappear with little to show for it‘, means we must constantly monitor what we are spending on. This feat of spending less than you earn, may seemless realistic, when in some households expenditure is often times more than the income. Jamaicans are survivors at heart, and often find means to balance their expenditure. However, if we do not monitor our spending, how would we know when we begin to over-spend? 

Budgeting is not static.

Your budget changes as do your needs and as do your circumstances. This means, you must approach your budget with that same focused and business-like approach, as you do your tasks at work. You rule your personal finances, and if we are not careful, this can spiral out of control. 

Considering Starting Your Own Business-

In our start-up corner, we explore the phenomenon that some start-ups simply do not make it past their second or third year. There is also a flip side to that coin; how many start-ups are determined to start what they finished and deliver what they promised? Fast forward to today, as a customer, how would you feel if your favourite salon or grocery shop just closed down? Gone is your comfort and convenience. If you have a solution to a problem, then commitment then becomes even more important.

The same goes for other goals that we may have. That we had at the start of the year, however, the first was rough? Expect rough times, your goals would hold little substance without its testaments. Work to finish something you had started.

Happy business Wednesday family!!!
































































































































































































Hello April!!!!

We are all of 3 days into the first month of the second quarter. Is that a lot to take in? Nevertheless, each new day, new month etc., always offer an opportunity to make the necessary changes that all will add value to our quality of life and the lives of those around us. 

It is always best to start any work week  on a productive note. Today in team productivity, we look at:

Communication and the standards of maintaining a flow of important information. Encourage your team to be not only independent thinkers but also problem solvers. This way, before there is an influx of questions, concerns or problems facing any project; incite a culture of everyone coming with solutions. This is more time effective and it only adds value to the team and the success of the project. Important updates, decisions and the like, should be the focal point of communicating. More time is spent working.

Our inspirational quote for this week is simple:

“Do not lose of your dreams and ambitions. For if you do, you may still exist, but you may cease to live.” Henry David Thoreau.

Remember that your personal goals, also, must be aligned as close as possible to the timeline you had given yourself. What did you set down to accomplish this week? Is there anything you need to redo this month, in a different way, using a different strategy?

And to speak further on goals:

How has the first quarter seen your finances? We hope by now, that most households have re-penciled their budgets to still be able to maintain quality of life. Despite the odds that many households may face, we pray that your standard of living has not been diminished, except as minimally as possible.

PFS sends you off to another productive week, encouraging you to capitalize on any opportunity that comes, that is aligned with your goals.

Happy Last Friday!!!!

This is the last Friday in Match and PFS hopes it has seen you in a good stead. We welcome you to the end of another week, and whatever challenges you faced this past week, that you have learned important lessons and come out with more resilience.

Today we say goodbye to March for this year.

It is usually around this time, that it is always encouraged that we pause for a moment to reflect. Reflecting on your entire month, takes less of the details of everyday, but the key highlights of your month:

1. Did you achieve any set goals?

2. Did anything happen this month that will affect the goals you have set/ planned to set for April? If so, how will you facilitate the change?

3.What did you learn in March?

4. What do you want to learn and achieve in April.

This is PFS’ way of encouraging you to do that major reflection over the weekend.

We are at the end of our ‘DREAM’ series in us daring our customers, to do good.

By now you should have a clear idea of what dreams you have for your life and how they shape your decisions, choices and future. We encourage you, to keep these dreams close and always in your consciousness;  this prevents any likelihood of you losing your sense of direction often.

Our final Dream quote comes from Oprah Winfrey; “the biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” In April, we will introduce “Aspire” – to be ambitious and to be of value. We look forward!!!

And let us not ignore that it is Friday and Boys & Girls Champs is in full swing. PFS supports all teams and encourage good sportsmanship.


Happy Business Wednesday!!!

PFS welcomes you to another mid-week, the final mid-week March 2017 will see. Come Friday, we should be reflecting on our month and what to work on next. If the saying goes, ‘time waits on no man, then we should not waste any time’.

To kick start our business corner, we give some advice for the start-up thinkers:

Considering Starting Your Own Business-

We share with you one of the popular myths, that you ‘just need’ to price yourself lower than any competition you may have to win. In debunking this myth, you must realise, there is no ‘one’ formula to win and you need to have from the very beginning; a clear definition of what ‘winning means to you’. Remember, an entrepreneur/ any start-up should do best to solve problem, not just to make money.

Entrepreneurial Advice
And this one is for our Micro and Small business operators:

Josh London tells us: “Be the best at what matters most.” Whatever it is that matters most to you, become the expert on it. If solving socio-economic problems matter to you, then become the expert on solving the problems of each of your customers. 

Many small business operators have still not fully come to grasp realistically, how new taxes will impact them. Regardless of your service or status, keeping abreast with current information and always thinking how to not only stay afloat, but do so meaningfully, means that using information available to you to make practical decisions and choices, becomes important. 

With that PFS sends you off to a productive mid week!!! See you on Friday!!!

How are you enjoying your Friday???


Despite a week filled with mixed feelings of elation/ not-so-much, for the most part, we have all made it; all who are with us and in this we must give thanks.What is it about a Friday that brightens the mood???

As a part of citizenship is honouring tax obligations, you have until tomorrow to file income tax returns. Attention all companies, self employed persons and others, TAJ will be open tomorrow at select locations to facilitate such filings. In this case, it is better late than later than tomorrow; as you will then start to incur penalty charges. Avoid the extra costs.


Thanks to Digicel Foundation and Itelbpo Smart Solutions, for adding merry to the lives of wards of the state at the Blossom Gardens Child Care Facility. Remember that ‘play’ is an integral part of children’s development. The gesture is much applauded.


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” On account of Eleanor Roosevelt with such a genius quote, have a dreamy weekend!!!




Our Future Deserves to Dream…..

It is Friday!!! Most customers who are parents are going about their work and chores, with half of them inside the exam room with their children…. Are you one???
GSAT 2017
Yes it day 2 of this (labeled by some as arduous) exam that children take, performing their utmost best to go to the school of their choice. PFS sends out our prayers and best wishes to the children who are being tested, and their anxious parents. We want to encourage that regardless the results, that parents continue to provide endless support and love to their children.


Dear Children: ‘you are the future of our country and you have a right to dream and dream big!!! The future, which will be your time, can be anything you dream it to be. Let all that you learn, take turn in shaping each of you into responsible and patriotic citizens that are committed to their country. How you see the world, children, does not always have to be forever, and we hope that you use the knowledge that those before have left for you and learn from their lessons. It seems a big task for your small shoulders; and though it should stay in your mind and help in shaping some decisions as you mature ; we also concede that you are on a journey and we wish you well on it. You got this kids!!!!’

With that said, PFS sends you off into a day of productivity and a weekend of rest and reprieve for all. Have a great weekend family!!!