Back to work after the Easter Break….

Surely, it must feel good to be back at work. After all the lyming, relaxing and travelling, we hope you factored in enough rest to start this week powerfully.

Productivity Increase
We get right into it for Team Productivity, picking up where we left off last week:

Do you find that you are most productive in the afternoon? What if your team is not just for a specific project, but you are a part of a department; where everyone has to work together everyday? 

1. How streamlined are your processes? 

2.How much do you believe your current processes allow you to maximize on your time?

PFS talks about looking at the processes that your department uses; ensure that you are getting quality for the process as well as you being able to do so in the quickest time possible. What are your processes?

Let’s try to follow this rule more than we break it.

On a more concerned note: The title alone, (click on the link) is enough reason, prompting one to pause and ponder: ‘am I included in that household number? Every debt, must be balanced in your budget. Based on BOJ’s findings, consider: say for instance a car; how does borrowing to acquire a high-end contribute to your income, that is stagnant? This is the more concerning than most; continued borrowing against a barely sufficient salary that sees no increase with any regularity, is basically asking your budget to perform a miracle!!! This represents the opposite of sound financial management and decision-making.  Remember your financial goals and your financial health. If you continuously ask how financially healthy you are before borrowing, more objective thinking can be used.

Yes, PFS wishes with all this information, that you proceed with purpose, renewed confidence in achieving your goals and holding yourself accountable to your dreams.

Have a productive week family!!!



Happy Thursday!!!

It is refreshing sometimes to go against the norm, and do things a little differently. Example, today being the last work day of this week, tasking PFS with wrapping Wednesday and Friday posts in one neat little bow, then send you off to a long weekend. Are you looking forward?

For all the business minded, we share with you from an entrepreneur coach, with years of experience, an article on having a practical and innovative strategy, or two, for your small business. Yaneek Page is one of Jamaica’s own and many are familiar with her work. The most valuable part of her work, is that it can apply to micro businesses, small businesses etc. Trust Yaneek Page to tackle issues that every business can relate to in one way or another. Not only is she not creating false ideologies, that no business will ever be tainted by complaints, she says ‘what do you do when your customers complain?”

Happy Easter

There are not many things, that we may plan to do this weekend, that will require serious/ hard work or concentration. Of course, PFS always encourages time to reflect and seek ways to continuously improve our lives. The span of four days can by in a blink (or as fast as time currently travels); ensure your moments are spent doing things that are meaningful to you and bring a sense of gratitude and inspiration. 

And of course, it would be uncharacteristic of us, to not encourage that you hold tight on the purse strings for this weekend; despite all the attractions and activities and fun ideas that will come, one event may lead to another and if we are not careful, we end up spent out, after the holiday has passed. Question: who made a budget for Easter? Even if it just the customary bun and cheese, certainly we don’t buy this everyday or as much as we would purchase over Easter.

With blessings of a safe, inspiring and enjoyable weekend, PFS says ‘so long, until next week’!!!



Happy Monday!!!!

Welcome to the second Monday of the first month for the second quarter. It is nothing more heartwarming, especially for us at PFS, than to engage with customers who actually take our advice. Imagine yourself in a position of urgent need and you seek our assistance. What if you were not able to afford what you wanted to borrow, but due to financial advice from PFS, you found that re calibrating your budget and pooling your resources, means you can still get the assistance you needed? This summarizes the experience of customers when they come to PFS seeking financial assistance.

Productivity Increase

With that said, we give another type of advice, all geared at the full customer and not just their financial position. On the topic of team productivity; we re-introduce taking breaks. Much like individual productivity, despite a team being hard pressed to meet a deadline, it is counter-productive to not give your brain breaks. In previous posts, we would have explored the benefits of taking breaks and their benefits also apply to teams.

By now, we sure hope the days of Monday blues are gone. But just in case, you fell the blues; you can be grateful of the fact that you are not amongst the percentage of those currently without gainful employment.


Our inspiration for the week will be achieved if you get on board with bettering self. Last Friday, for World Health Day, the theme was ‘Depression: Let’s talk.” Did you know that finances greatly affect those who experience depression. Even if it is only that, due to lack of finances, they are unable to access treatment. Finances is one of those topics that it can be exaggerated that it must be handled with respect and care. How are you managing your finances today?

With encouragement to take teams breaks and to constantly monitor your personal finances, we send you off to a productive Monday!!!

Hello April!!!!

We are all of 3 days into the first month of the second quarter. Is that a lot to take in? Nevertheless, each new day, new month etc., always offer an opportunity to make the necessary changes that all will add value to our quality of life and the lives of those around us. 

It is always best to start any work week  on a productive note. Today in team productivity, we look at:

Communication and the standards of maintaining a flow of important information. Encourage your team to be not only independent thinkers but also problem solvers. This way, before there is an influx of questions, concerns or problems facing any project; incite a culture of everyone coming with solutions. This is more time effective and it only adds value to the team and the success of the project. Important updates, decisions and the like, should be the focal point of communicating. More time is spent working.

Our inspirational quote for this week is simple:

“Do not lose of your dreams and ambitions. For if you do, you may still exist, but you may cease to live.” Henry David Thoreau.

Remember that your personal goals, also, must be aligned as close as possible to the timeline you had given yourself. What did you set down to accomplish this week? Is there anything you need to redo this month, in a different way, using a different strategy?

And to speak further on goals:

How has the first quarter seen your finances? We hope by now, that most households have re-penciled their budgets to still be able to maintain quality of life. Despite the odds that many households may face, we pray that your standard of living has not been diminished, except as minimally as possible.

PFS sends you off to another productive week, encouraging you to capitalize on any opportunity that comes, that is aligned with your goals.

Happy Monday!!!!

It’s the final Monday in March and we hope the nearing month end finds you in a good place.

We hope your week is off to the right start, if it has not been, the sun is still shining brightly, perfect opportunity to give your day a turn around for the better. We send you into the week with our inspirational quote from Aesop, “no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

Productivity Increase
Our team Productivity tip for the week is:

Collaborating!!! Why does overall performance of a business rely on cohesive teams? Think of the wealth of ideas that you can get from collaborating on an idea with your teammates…. Cue, if you feel stuck on an idea or completing a task, ask one of your teammates; you would be amazed at the ideas you can get by striking  up a conversation.

We send you off into an inspired week. Have a productive week family!!!


Have a Bountiful Monday!!!!


Welcome to another week PFS family!!! We hope that you rested much over the weekend and are ready to take on all the tasks of this week. What do we mean by a bountiful week, though? We mean we hope you reap rewards for your hard work in large quantities. That you are showered with encouragement and A feeling of belonging, from those who matter to you most.

And our contribution to your weekly inspiration comes from:

Franklin D. Roosevelt, having the saying, “Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.”

Productivity Increase

Inspiration, happiness, creativity etc, all effect the outcome of team efforts. Today’s productivity tip is: “create/ensure there is a system of accountability; where each team member has a specific task or responsibility” This encourages each individual to put more effort into their tasks, as they know they are responsible for the quality outcome.

Despite the economic uncertainty that may be plaguing some of our minds, let us focus more on the positives and take a ‘can-do’ attitude. Doing your best this week and trying to improve in some way from last week: you can do it!!!! 

Happy Friday the Jamaican way!!!

Fridays usually see workers on a more relaxed, less keyed up note, which is not always bad, depending on their tasks. Friday sees contractors on site, working harder, encouraged by the ‘pay’ they are looking to get later. For vendors, it a day when pedestrians, commuters may shop for some things, especially if they live far outside the corporate area. Whatever the case, Friday is usually not a dull day. To the Basic Schools having their sports day, we say have fun!!!! #BridgeportBasicSchool

In order to DARE life, one must Dream. According to C.S. Lewis: “you are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.” Dreams are endless, there is no cap on what range of things you can dream about.Dream of a better, safer future for our country? Or to get a promotion? Maybe your dream, in the long run, is to own your own business. Y

You owe it to yourself, if it is your passion and it stays with you, to plan and put small goals into place, all working together to achieve your dream. To highlight the significance of a dream, ask yourself: How different would my life be if I didn’t have this dream?

Before we send you off into your weekends, PFS is with every parent, as they take the time out to help their children preparing for GSAT. It is fun sometimes to see the parents, as anxious and sometimes even more anxious, than the children themselves!!! Tip for you, as you try not to work yourself into a frenzy, whilst you prepare the young ones: Impress upon them the importance of arriving at least 30 minutes early on the day of their exams, it gives their brain time to settle down before they get down to the business of acing their exams. If they can start waking up earlier for this week, would be good for them.

Have a safe and blessed weekend family!!!