Happy Monday!!!!

Welcome to the second Monday of the first month for the second quarter. It is nothing more heartwarming, especially for us at PFS, than to engage with customers who actually take our advice. Imagine yourself in a position of urgent need and you seek our assistance. What if you were not able to afford what you wanted to borrow, but due to financial advice from PFS, you found that re calibrating your budget and pooling your resources, means you can still get the assistance you needed? This summarizes the experience of customers when they come to PFS seeking financial assistance.

Productivity Increase

With that said, we give another type of advice, all geared at the full customer and not just their financial position. On the topic of team productivity; we re-introduce taking breaks. Much like individual productivity, despite a team being hard pressed to meet a deadline, it is counter-productive to not give your brain breaks. In previous posts, we would have explored the benefits of taking breaks and their benefits also apply to teams.

By now, we sure hope the days of Monday blues are gone. But just in case, you fell the blues; you can be grateful of the fact that you are not amongst the percentage of those currently without gainful employment.


Our inspiration for the week will be achieved if you get on board with bettering self. Last Friday, for World Health Day, the theme was ‘Depression: Let’s talk.” Did you know that finances greatly affect those who experience depression. Even if it is only that, due to lack of finances, they are unable to access treatment. Finances is one of those topics that it can be exaggerated that it must be handled with respect and care. How are you managing your finances today?

With encouragement to take teams breaks and to constantly monitor your personal finances, we send you off to a productive Monday!!!


Happy Jamaica Friday!!!

alexander-sculpting Jamaica Day Trivia: Do you know who this is and where this is? Hint: Birthday. He is also on our #OneDollar coin

Invoking a spirit of acknowledging that you are a part of this country and that you are committed to investing in the growth and development of this country is what Jamaica is about. Our children have taken it seriously, coming dressed and active to perform traditional dances, poems and other forms of art. If Legacy is the focus, then the spending considerable time explaining to them what it means to be a Jamaica, is the next logical course of action. Let’s explain love, service to country and service to fellow men. Happy Jamaica Day!!!


As celebrations for Black History Month come to a close, PFS encourages us all to take away something positive from how our ancestors lived. Learn from the mistakes they made means we do not have to make the same mistakes. Through their lives, we have intelligence abound to use for our growth and development.What do you say we think on the virtues of our heroes then see if we can identify any within ourselves. PFS Dares you to dream bold and make your own contribution to your country using your strengths for positivity and upliftment.

And because it is Friday,w e say have a safe weekend. For those of us who have hit ‘Pay-Day’ remember to stick to your budget and get the best value for your money.

Happy Monday = Happy Week!!!

Productivity Increase
The key to having a productive week is to start the week right! Our productivity tip for this week is to “set up productivity rituals.” This can take the form of outlining tasks and marking them complete when done and rewarding yourself with a break.This will undoubtedly increase your accountability to your tasks, and you will become even more motivated when you see the progress you have made. Increased accountability, means more gets done and job satisfaction means you are intrinsically motivated to improve your performance each time. Sounds like a powerful workforce!!!

Starting the week on a productive note means you can end your week on an equally productive note.

We leave you with an inspirational quote that we hope with resonate with you throughout the week: “Do something today, that your future self will thank you for.” This may take any of the following forms: personal, professional, spiritual, educational, financial etc. 

Since planning and productivity go hand in hand, PFS would like to encourage all to include Debt Management in their new year’s resolution. As a lender, we provide value added services, not just disbursing loans, that ensures that customers are not adversely affected by borrowing. Stay tuned for some tips and strategies to feel more in control of your finances!!!

Did You Know - 3D Words
Did you know that Debt Management or Credit Counselling is a service that is offered by most financial institutions at the point you become a customer. Can you tell, though, if there is an organisation in Jamaica whose core business is to provide Credit Counselling?

PFS has left you with enough to ponder upon until Wednesday.

Have a Happy Monday PFS family!!!