Happy World Health Day!!!

Have you all gotten a chance to visit the Emancipation Park with all the displays, talks etc on Health? Today is World Health Day, and the focus as shifted to Depression. The UN is  encouraging us to talk more about Depression to reduce the stigma and to also encouraging us as individuals to simply TALK. Has it been found that talking prevents the problem? Not exactly, but talking never hurts.

There are many things that can cause depression, in any society. Crime, violence, missing children, insecurity, taxes, high cost of living; just to name a few. Our responsibility as individuals is to see how any of these stressors can be prevented and if left unsolved, how costly can they become? The time has come that we stop ignoring what only can have ill effects for us in the long run; emotionally, socially and financially.

Your partner in Finance encourages you to remember what your priorities are and ensure that your goals are so aligned. This does not mean however, that you ignore the everyday experiences that help or hurt, that can develop into habits, good or bad. Talk.

PFS’ tip: when going after your goals, “do not forsake the everyday experiences, that help or hurt and become habits, good or bad.”

PFS sends you off to a weekend of restoration and meditation. Is there a conversation you need to have, but you do not know who to have it with? Find out by simply reaching out to someone. Happy Friday!!!


Happy Last Friday!!!!

This is the last Friday in Match and PFS hopes it has seen you in a good stead. We welcome you to the end of another week, and whatever challenges you faced this past week, that you have learned important lessons and come out with more resilience.

Today we say goodbye to March for this year.

It is usually around this time, that it is always encouraged that we pause for a moment to reflect. Reflecting on your entire month, takes less of the details of everyday, but the key highlights of your month:

1. Did you achieve any set goals?

2. Did anything happen this month that will affect the goals you have set/ planned to set for April? If so, how will you facilitate the change?

3.What did you learn in March?

4. What do you want to learn and achieve in April.

This is PFS’ way of encouraging you to do that major reflection over the weekend.

We are at the end of our ‘DREAM’ series in us daring our customers, to do good.

By now you should have a clear idea of what dreams you have for your life and how they shape your decisions, choices and future. We encourage you, to keep these dreams close and always in your consciousness;  this prevents any likelihood of you losing your sense of direction often.

Our final Dream quote comes from Oprah Winfrey; “the biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” In April, we will introduce “Aspire” – to be ambitious and to be of value. We look forward!!!

And let us not ignore that it is Friday and Boys & Girls Champs is in full swing. PFS supports all teams and encourage good sportsmanship.


How are you enjoying your Friday???


Despite a week filled with mixed feelings of elation/ not-so-much, for the most part, we have all made it; all who are with us and in this we must give thanks.What is it about a Friday that brightens the mood???

As a part of citizenship is honouring tax obligations, you have until tomorrow to file income tax returns. Attention all companies, self employed persons and others, TAJ will be open tomorrow at select locations to facilitate such filings. In this case, it is better late than later than tomorrow; as you will then start to incur penalty charges. Avoid the extra costs.


Thanks to Digicel Foundation and Itelbpo Smart Solutions, for adding merry to the lives of wards of the state at the Blossom Gardens Child Care Facility. Remember that ‘play’ is an integral part of children’s development. The gesture is much applauded.


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” On account of Eleanor Roosevelt with such a genius quote, have a dreamy weekend!!!




Our Future Deserves to Dream…..

It is Friday!!! Most customers who are parents are going about their work and chores, with half of them inside the exam room with their children…. Are you one???
GSAT 2017
Yes it day 2 of this (labeled by some as arduous) exam that children take, performing their utmost best to go to the school of their choice. PFS sends out our prayers and best wishes to the children who are being tested, and their anxious parents. We want to encourage that regardless the results, that parents continue to provide endless support and love to their children.


Dear Children: ‘you are the future of our country and you have a right to dream and dream big!!! The future, which will be your time, can be anything you dream it to be. Let all that you learn, take turn in shaping each of you into responsible and patriotic citizens that are committed to their country. How you see the world, children, does not always have to be forever, and we hope that you use the knowledge that those before have left for you and learn from their lessons. It seems a big task for your small shoulders; and though it should stay in your mind and help in shaping some decisions as you mature ; we also concede that you are on a journey and we wish you well on it. You got this kids!!!!’

With that said, PFS sends you off into a day of productivity and a weekend of rest and reprieve for all. Have a great weekend family!!!

Happy Friday the Jamaican way!!!

Fridays usually see workers on a more relaxed, less keyed up note, which is not always bad, depending on their tasks. Friday sees contractors on site, working harder, encouraged by the ‘pay’ they are looking to get later. For vendors, it a day when pedestrians, commuters may shop for some things, especially if they live far outside the corporate area. Whatever the case, Friday is usually not a dull day. To the Basic Schools having their sports day, we say have fun!!!! #BridgeportBasicSchool

In order to DARE life, one must Dream. According to C.S. Lewis: “you are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.” Dreams are endless, there is no cap on what range of things you can dream about.Dream of a better, safer future for our country? Or to get a promotion? Maybe your dream, in the long run, is to own your own business. Y

You owe it to yourself, if it is your passion and it stays with you, to plan and put small goals into place, all working together to achieve your dream. To highlight the significance of a dream, ask yourself: How different would my life be if I didn’t have this dream?

Before we send you off into your weekends, PFS is with every parent, as they take the time out to help their children preparing for GSAT. It is fun sometimes to see the parents, as anxious and sometimes even more anxious, than the children themselves!!! Tip for you, as you try not to work yourself into a frenzy, whilst you prepare the young ones: Impress upon them the importance of arriving at least 30 minutes early on the day of their exams, it gives their brain time to settle down before they get down to the business of acing their exams. If they can start waking up earlier for this week, would be good for them.

Have a safe and blessed weekend family!!!

Happy Friday!!! Welcome March!!!

Dear March, we welcome you and hope you bring good tidings and fortune. Also reward for our hard work and sacrifices, as well as opportunities for growth and development. We know that time is unstoppable, but we will look to each time to be motivated and inspired to be greater.


JCF now has a whatsapp number to allow the ease of sharing information, as they battle innovatively to curb the viral sharing of exploiting content on victims, especially our children.Each citizen can do a part in ensuring that our future as a country is safe and secured.We all have the opportunity to do good and do what is just. Citizens that care about a future worth living in, would jump on the opportunity to assist in any way they can. PFS encourages all customers to be safe and seek to be humanitarians.



We are on the anchor leg of our Dream series. Come April, we will kick off ‘Aspiration’. We hope you have been steady and focused, and will remain so, as you unearth the real dream that you have, of living this life. You have some more time.

Have a dreamy weekend family!!!

Happy Jamaica Friday!!!

alexander-sculpting Jamaica Day Trivia: Do you know who this is and where this is? Hint: Birthday. He is also on our #OneDollar coin

Invoking a spirit of acknowledging that you are a part of this country and that you are committed to investing in the growth and development of this country is what Jamaica is about. Our children have taken it seriously, coming dressed and active to perform traditional dances, poems and other forms of art. If Legacy is the focus, then the spending considerable time explaining to them what it means to be a Jamaica, is the next logical course of action. Let’s explain love, service to country and service to fellow men. Happy Jamaica Day!!!


As celebrations for Black History Month come to a close, PFS encourages us all to take away something positive from how our ancestors lived. Learn from the mistakes they made means we do not have to make the same mistakes. Through their lives, we have intelligence abound to use for our growth and development.What do you say we think on the virtues of our heroes then see if we can identify any within ourselves. PFS Dares you to dream bold and make your own contribution to your country using your strengths for positivity and upliftment.

And because it is Friday,w e say have a safe weekend. For those of us who have hit ‘Pay-Day’ remember to stick to your budget and get the best value for your money.