Back to work after the Easter Break….

Surely, it must feel good to be back at work. After all the lyming, relaxing and travelling, we hope you factored in enough rest to start this week powerfully.

Productivity Increase
We get right into it for Team Productivity, picking up where we left off last week:

Do you find that you are most productive in the afternoon? What if your team is not just for a specific project, but you are a part of a department; where everyone has to work together everyday? 

1. How streamlined are your processes? 

2.How much do you believe your current processes allow you to maximize on your time?

PFS talks about looking at the processes that your department uses; ensure that you are getting quality for the process as well as you being able to do so in the quickest time possible. What are your processes?

Let’s try to follow this rule more than we break it.

On a more concerned note: The title alone, (click on the link) is enough reason, prompting one to pause and ponder: ‘am I included in that household number? Every debt, must be balanced in your budget. Based on BOJ’s findings, consider: say for instance a car; how does borrowing to acquire a high-end contribute to your income, that is stagnant? This is the more concerning than most; continued borrowing against a barely sufficient salary that sees no increase with any regularity, is basically asking your budget to perform a miracle!!! This represents the opposite of sound financial management and decision-making.  Remember your financial goals and your financial health. If you continuously ask how financially healthy you are before borrowing, more objective thinking can be used.

Yes, PFS wishes with all this information, that you proceed with purpose, renewed confidence in achieving your goals and holding yourself accountable to your dreams.

Have a productive week family!!!



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