Happy Thursday!!!

It is refreshing sometimes to go against the norm, and do things a little differently. Example, today being the last work day of this week, tasking PFS with wrapping Wednesday and Friday posts in one neat little bow, then send you off to a long weekend. Are you looking forward?

For all the business minded, we share with you from an entrepreneur coach, with years of experience, an article on having a practical and innovative strategy, or two, for your small business. Yaneek Page is one of Jamaica’s own and many are familiar with her work. The most valuable part of her work, is that it can apply to micro businesses, small businesses etc. Trust Yaneek Page to tackle issues that every business can relate to in one way or another. Not only is she not creating false ideologies, that no business will ever be tainted by complaints, she says ‘what do you do when your customers complain?”

Happy Easter

There are not many things, that we may plan to do this weekend, that will require serious/ hard work or concentration. Of course, PFS always encourages time to reflect and seek ways to continuously improve our lives. The span of four days can by in a blink (or as fast as time currently travels); ensure your moments are spent doing things that are meaningful to you and bring a sense of gratitude and inspiration. 

And of course, it would be uncharacteristic of us, to not encourage that you hold tight on the purse strings for this weekend; despite all the attractions and activities and fun ideas that will come, one event may lead to another and if we are not careful, we end up spent out, after the holiday has passed. Question: who made a budget for Easter? Even if it just the customary bun and cheese, certainly we don’t buy this everyday or as much as we would purchase over Easter.

With blessings of a safe, inspiring and enjoyable weekend, PFS says ‘so long, until next week’!!!




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