Happy World Health Day!!!

Have you all gotten a chance to visit the Emancipation Park with all the displays, talks etc on Health? Today is World Health Day, and the focus as shifted to Depression. The UN is  encouraging us to talk more about Depression to reduce the stigma and to also encouraging us as individuals to simply TALK. Has it been found that talking prevents the problem? Not exactly, but talking never hurts.

There are many things that can cause depression, in any society. Crime, violence, missing children, insecurity, taxes, high cost of living; just to name a few. Our responsibility as individuals is to see how any of these stressors can be prevented and if left unsolved, how costly can they become? The time has come that we stop ignoring what only can have ill effects for us in the long run; emotionally, socially and financially.

Your partner in Finance encourages you to remember what your priorities are and ensure that your goals are so aligned. This does not mean however, that you ignore the everyday experiences that help or hurt, that can develop into habits, good or bad. Talk.

PFS’ tip: when going after your goals, “do not forsake the everyday experiences, that help or hurt and become habits, good or bad.”

PFS sends you off to a weekend of restoration and meditation. Is there a conversation you need to have, but you do not know who to have it with? Find out by simply reaching out to someone. Happy Friday!!!


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