Happy Business Wednesday!!!

PFS welcomes you to another mid-week, the final mid-week March 2017 will see. Come Friday, we should be reflecting on our month and what to work on next. If the saying goes, ‘time waits on no man, then we should not waste any time’.

To kick start our business corner, we give some advice for the start-up thinkers:

Considering Starting Your Own Business-

We share with you one of the popular myths, that you ‘just need’ to price yourself lower than any competition you may have to win. In debunking this myth, you must realise, there is no ‘one’ formula to win and you need to have from the very beginning; a clear definition of what ‘winning means to you’. Remember, an entrepreneur/ any start-up should do best to solve problem, not just to make money.

Entrepreneurial Advice
And this one is for our Micro and Small business operators:

Josh London tells us: “Be the best at what matters most.” Whatever it is that matters most to you, become the expert on it. If solving socio-economic problems matter to you, then become the expert on solving the problems of each of your customers. 

Many small business operators have still not fully come to grasp realistically, how new taxes will impact them. Regardless of your service or status, keeping abreast with current information and always thinking how to not only stay afloat, but do so meaningfully, means that using information available to you to make practical decisions and choices, becomes important. 

With that PFS sends you off to a productive mid week!!! See you on Friday!!!


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