How are you enjoying your Friday???


Despite a week filled with mixed feelings of elation/ not-so-much, for the most part, we have all made it; all who are with us and in this we must give thanks.What is it about a Friday that brightens the mood???

As a part of citizenship is honouring tax obligations, you have until tomorrow to file income tax returns. Attention all companies, self employed persons and others, TAJ will be open tomorrow at select locations to facilitate such filings. In this case, it is better late than later than tomorrow; as you will then start to incur penalty charges. Avoid the extra costs.


Thanks to Digicel Foundation and Itelbpo Smart Solutions, for adding merry to the lives of wards of the state at the Blossom Gardens Child Care Facility. Remember that ‘play’ is an integral part of children’s development. The gesture is much applauded.


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” On account of Eleanor Roosevelt with such a genius quote, have a dreamy weekend!!!





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