Happy Business Wednesday!!!

Wednesday is rumoured to be the last day you have a chance of making your business productive. The saying goes, if it is not achieved by Wednesday… chances are it is next week??? We know for our customers, productivity is everyday and we have been proving this rumour wrong!!! Let’s start taking care of business!!!

Entrepreneurial Advice

This week we give some our attention to our entrepreneurs, who niche in the industry is mostly small, but the economy would be incomplete without them. Does the new tax package have you quaking in your boots ??? (well the taxes that have not yet been implemented that is). Our tip comes from Ezra Firestone and could not be more relevant: “face the inevitable with joy. Things are  going to happen; be happy about them.Only you get to decide how you’re going to judge what happens to you. Also, specialize: be good at one thing and be known for one thing.” It’s almost as though Ezra could have seen into the future. How about the part where she said, ‘be happy’?

Considering Starting Your Own Business-

Our advice in the start-up corner is geared towards the innovators themselves and not so much the market or the business. It is simple: “if your motivation to start a business is just making rather than solving a problem; it is highly likely you are setting yourself up for a failure.” You are better off when you focus on solving problems, and money becomes a byproduct of your venture’s success. (adopted)

Food for the Soul
As citizens we enter a new era of financial management and though we are not directly charged with making decisions that affect the country; we are certainly directly charged with making decisions that affect our homes and families. Be smart and be prepared. Pray for our leaders while you are at it. Have a blessed Wednesday family!!!



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