Our Future Deserves to Dream…..

It is Friday!!! Most customers who are parents are going about their work and chores, with half of them inside the exam room with their children…. Are you one???
GSAT 2017
Yes it day 2 of this (labeled by some as arduous) exam that children take, performing their utmost best to go to the school of their choice. PFS sends out our prayers and best wishes to the children who are being tested, and their anxious parents. We want to encourage that regardless the results, that parents continue to provide endless support and love to their children.


Dear Children: ‘you are the future of our country and you have a right to dream and dream big!!! The future, which will be your time, can be anything you dream it to be. Let all that you learn, take turn in shaping each of you into responsible and patriotic citizens that are committed to their country. How you see the world, children, does not always have to be forever, and we hope that you use the knowledge that those before have left for you and learn from their lessons. It seems a big task for your small shoulders; and though it should stay in your mind and help in shaping some decisions as you mature ; we also concede that you are on a journey and we wish you well on it. You got this kids!!!!’

With that said, PFS sends you off into a day of productivity and a weekend of rest and reprieve for all. Have a great weekend family!!!


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