PFS’ Business Wednesdays!!!

Remember this?

Do you remember the above? It becomes extremely important with the proposed tax packages. One important question you have to ask, is how will the taxes affect you directly and indirectly? Only then will you have a realisation what the implications, money-wise, the tax packages will have. One example we can look at, is gas, of different kinds. This means, electricity, taxi fare (through increase of 87 & 90 petrol)  and cooking gas, will be affected. Start seeing the impact as yet? It takes electricity to produce, it means price on food and produce will increase to minimise the crunch-effect.. Shopping anyone. It cannot be stressed more that reconstructing your budget is important.

Entrepreneurial Advice

It is times like these, as an entrepreneur you realise, such road is not for the faint of heart.Jay Miletsky says: “It’s not going to be a straight shot upwards- but don’t give up. If you believe in your vision, just keep going.” Endorsed by PFS!!! Our country needs committed citizens working towards a change.

Considering Starting Your Own Business-

And for those whose minds are on start-ups to solve problems in our country, this tax package may cause you to pause and think: do I really have what it takes? PFS’ advice (adopted) for this particular case is “Keep your day job, if you have one.” This seems like a no-brainer right? The reality is solving problems through businesses, may not be lucrative right away.

Have a focused mid-week!!!!



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