A Proactive Monday=Monday with a little Extra!!!



After what may have been a mixed weekend, PFS welcomes you all to another week. Remember, each day comes with its own worries and opportunities alike, and worrying ahead may not always solve the problems in advance.

Our inspiration for the week therefore, is: “We can easily manage if we only take, each day, the burden appointed to it. But the load will be too heavy for us if we carry yesterday’s burden over again today , and then add the burden of the morrow before we are required to bear it.”
Speak of worrying: 

The new proposed tax measures, (though in debating stage, may become a reality) has left may in a flurry of worry. Every tax payer is wondering, “where will it come from?” PFS does not believe that one can always re-evaluate their budget to meet every tax need on a stagnant income, but certainly, at this stage, it does not hurt to see what expenses can be re-valued, shared etc. Bracing for the impact, can mitigate the blow. This also a realistic approach to take towards a possible reality than just siting and worrying. Be proactive in your responses to life’s struggles!!!

Before we go, we leave a GSAT tip for our many parents whose young ones will be taking the final exams this Thursday and Friday: “your children may have been practising at school with teachers and  peers, remember, it is important to read each question carefully in order to understand what it asks. Only then can the correct answer be given. Each section is given estimated time limits, this is to allow time to fully comprehend each question.” Have a productive time studying kids!!! And to the parents who are already anxious: remain supportive and stay calm!!!

Have a proactive week family!!!



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