Happy Friday the Jamaican way!!!

Fridays usually see workers on a more relaxed, less keyed up note, which is not always bad, depending on their tasks. Friday sees contractors on site, working harder, encouraged by the ‘pay’ they are looking to get later. For vendors, it a day when pedestrians, commuters may shop for some things, especially if they live far outside the corporate area. Whatever the case, Friday is usually not a dull day. To the Basic Schools having their sports day, we say have fun!!!! #BridgeportBasicSchool

In order to DARE life, one must Dream. According to C.S. Lewis: “you are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.” Dreams are endless, there is no cap on what range of things you can dream about.Dream of a better, safer future for our country? Or to get a promotion? Maybe your dream, in the long run, is to own your own business. Y

You owe it to yourself, if it is your passion and it stays with you, to plan and put small goals into place, all working together to achieve your dream. To highlight the significance of a dream, ask yourself: How different would my life be if I didn’t have this dream?

Before we send you off into your weekends, PFS is with every parent, as they take the time out to help their children preparing for GSAT. It is fun sometimes to see the parents, as anxious and sometimes even more anxious, than the children themselves!!! Tip for you, as you try not to work yourself into a frenzy, whilst you prepare the young ones: Impress upon them the importance of arriving at least 30 minutes early on the day of their exams, it gives their brain time to settle down before they get down to the business of acing their exams. If they can start waking up earlier for this week, would be good for them.

Have a safe and blessed weekend family!!!


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