Proactive Wednesday= Business like…

It is the height of the week and PFS is here to help you maintain focus!!! Remember those of us, who are either business-minded/ business-oriented or operating our own businesses? We have you covered!!!

Business Tips Start-Up Corner

For those of us currently in your own businesses (before the era of mass entrepreneurship): we must reiterate before we go further: ‘Customer service strongly influences whether or not your customer decide to shop with you again.” Think about it!!! And even if your business is an essential service (food, health etc) wouldn’t you want your customers to know at all times that you appreciate their business??? You should. Immaculate customer service does influence your rate of customer retention: from your line staff, those who deal with your customers directly and every other employee your customer may observe. Stick and stay for more on Customer Service for Small Businesses!!!

Entrepreneurial Advice

For the entrepreneurs who have been at it for a while now (or not so long), often you may question yourself, if your idea is something that someone else really wants and will be willing to pay for. PFS encourages that whatever these ideas, they must solve a problem: for your country, your community, or a sect. Not to create divide but to be inclusive. We encourage that entrepreneurship “is all about relationships.” Do not look at the customers you have not gotten yet. Focus on the ones you have, and while conducting business, remind them that solving their problem was an important deal for you. Simple!!!!

Considering Starting Your Own Business-
A lot of factors can affect one’s decision to start their own business: lack of sufficient and gainful employment. Also, there is no clear cut formula to success for any start-up. But what exactly is it? According to Neil Blumenthal (co-Founder and co-CEO of Warby Parker) start-up is “any venture working to solve a problem…” Sounds like an social entrepreneur right???? For any start-up it can be dangerous to be consumed by myths of the venture. One such myth is: “you need a perfect business plan.” Yes, you do need a business plan, but how about your intended customers’ behaviour? Will this behaviour change by the time you have finished ‘perfecting your plan? Obsessing over the plan is time-consuming, precious time not being optimized!!!

It’s all about business when you tune it on a Wednesday!!! Development and growth is not for faint of heart or spirit!!! Happy Wednesday family!!! And to all our women, Happy Women’s Day to you!!!! #Be bold for a change!!!



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