Have a Proactive Monday!!!

What started out as a rainy morning turned into a rainy day. PFS knows most of our customers have outlived the Monday blues syndrome, but how did the rains find you?

PFS welcomes you to another week, with a team spirit in mind. For the employed sector of our customers, as promised we will look at achieving maximum productivity as a team. Our inspiration to kick start the series, is the age old adage: “Team work makes the dream work.” We hope at this point, we can infuse more team effort across the board, across Jamaica. It goes back to that spirit of  togetherness and spirit towards goals, benefiting all. 


For any goal, it must be more than an idea or fancy of mind. In order for any goal to work, in order to hold yourself accountable to achieving that goal; writing it down moves it from just a thought to something made tangible. Upon March closing, God spares us all, we will have said goodbye to the first quarter of 2017. What financial goals did you set that you have achieved or see yourself achieving in the short term?


Monday blues or not, we give you some inspiration that is not conditioned by weather, but a state of mind, a conviction to be, despite every opposition, by a simple act of courage for ourselves, from Ruth Gordo:“courage is like a muscle, we strengthen it with use.”

Have a courage filled week PFS family!!!




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