Happy Friday!!! Welcome March!!!

Dear March, we welcome you and hope you bring good tidings and fortune. Also reward for our hard work and sacrifices, as well as opportunities for growth and development. We know that time is unstoppable, but we will look to each time to be motivated and inspired to be greater.


JCF now has a whatsapp number to allow the ease of sharing information, as they battle innovatively to curb the viral sharing of exploiting content on victims, especially our children.Each citizen can do a part in ensuring that our future as a country is safe and secured.We all have the opportunity to do good and do what is just. Citizens that care about a future worth living in, would jump on the opportunity to assist in any way they can. PFS encourages all customers to be safe and seek to be humanitarians.



We are on the anchor leg of our Dream series. Come April, we will kick off ‘Aspiration’. We hope you have been steady and focused, and will remain so, as you unearth the real dream that you have, of living this life. You have some more time.

Have a dreamy weekend family!!!


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