Another Monday is upon us, which will see us saying goodbye to February, #gasps, day after tomorrow. Here’s to PFS wishing you a productive week. Our tip for this week is simple and proven: “team work, makes the dream work.” Reach out and graciously accept the gift of your colleagues as teammates to  collaborate with or obtain support in difficult tasks.

Any success of business needs team effort and even your personal success is not born/ will not be born out of isolation. It will require a team of events, team of support and every other item that is relevant to your success. PFS would have been giving tips on how to be productive from an individual perspective. We will now look at how team productivity (stemming from individual productivity, of course) can impact greatly the success of any venture. Stay tuned!!!


Yes.. Yes.. February wasn’t all that much shorter than January, save for 3 days. The point is: all time must be maximized and performance consistently optimized. We hope through reflecting this month, you will be on your way to making reflection a habit (ideally, we hope it is already a habit); ultimately this prepares you for reflecting as a team, which we will look into come March’s month end, God’s willing.


We are at “Kiss and say goodbye to February”, yet PFS is milking the month for all its worth, as we shift focus, however, hope that this Black History Month, has renewed a sense of patriotism in our citizens; no one citizen can bring us to a brighter, safer and more inclusive future alone. Our inspiration for the week comes from poet Maya Angelou: “love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”

With so much said, have a proactive and productive week!!!


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