Happy Productive Wednesday!!!

What better way to get pumped up??? A Jamaican is in the Top 10!!! Oh Yes!! We definitely need to have more conversation of the integral roles Teachers play in any society, but for this Teacher, she did not need to be told or trained to act with compassion and passion for her job. The mere nomination and the sheer determination with she ‘worked’ on herself as an individual and on her students, is nothing short of inspiring. What did we tell you? History can be made everyday and is being made everyday!!! Happy Black History Month Jamaica!!

As a proud Business Citizen, PFS continues to laud the energy and resilience, despite tough times, of entrepreneurs. Our tip for this week for the passionate is: “Play up what you’ve got, and forget about what you don’t have.” – Barbara Corcoran.


Just in case you thought there were not many noteworthy and influential Black Entrepreneurs: we give you this. Such wealth as Forten had, had to create employment from an opportunity. Do you think Forten had any initial fear to buying/ owning the company? Do you think he knew from day 1 that he wanted to be the leader of other sail-makers?

In our Start-Up Corner, PFS has a question for every aspirant; whether to raise additional funds from this venture or operate it full time, we have to know and you also have to know: “are you just venturing for profit or will you be solving a problem?” Food for thought.

Have a productive mid-week family!!!



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