Start the week Right!!!

Productivity Increase
Setting the right tone for your week is key to ensuring that your brain is not distracted by matters other than the tasks at hand, especially on the job. In helping you to manage tasks, our Productivity tip speak to creating a ‘Stop Doing’ list. Much like your to-do list, creating this list helps you to eliminate the activities that are a great distraction to you doing your duties. This is another great reason to take breaks, after focusing on a task. During the time you are taking a breather, you can let your mind wander a little but not too far.
It has been a while, that we made any posting on Financial resolutions. The reason for this is simply that financial planning does not happen overnight and it requires applied discipline to see results. We encourage that every financial decision, should reflect sound decisions and responsible use of money, as much as possible.
PFS sends you off into your week on the right foot. As your Partner in Finance, we leave you with a quote from Martin Luther King Jr., as we continue to observe Black History Month: “darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”





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