How are we standing out?

As we are still in Black History Month, and celebrating heroes of our ancestry, we uncover they all have one thing in common; their actions setting them apart from a crowd. Though their actions may have been for a community purpose, sometimes, you have to do the a little more than ordinary even if the same beneficiaries are satisfied with being ordinary.
Standing out means doing what is right, good and just, as often as we can, regardless of the situation. Our heroes would have also been deeply passionate about their cause and would have worked hard for the benefit of all, due to their love for their fellow men. You can stand out by showing more LOVE. Not just on one day, and not just in one way or to one special person (to that special someone), but to everyone. If we allow love to guide our actions, it will become a genuine habit, a new way of life. That is how we can stand out in this day and time where the few and sparsely between displays of love and compassion, are prone to suspicion. It means that our people are not used to showing and receiving love. Is this how we want to stand out? As a people? As a country?
We implore more amongst us to unearth our love for our country. According to Charles Dickens: “in love of home, the love of country has it’s rise.” Most of us have lived only in Jamaica for our entire lives, and though we may have dreams to travel, ultimately, if you had all# your hearts’ desire, would you choose to live in Jamaica? We have available for us to build or break, a country, a civilization, that our ancestors have sacrificed their lives for. Is this how they would have wanted Jamaica to stand out?

Have a loving week PFS family!!!



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