PFS knows that many are dreaming of a safer Jamaica, where our children and women will not have to be suspicious of a strange male. We know many must be dreaming of a country, where it is second nature for our men, the heads of the households, to love,  support, protect and look out for every female and denounce the blatant expressions of violence portrayed by their cohorts. But, if we all sit and say it does not concern us personally (until violence comes knocking, which is highly probable), then a dream remains just an abstract and detached view on a topic. Just thinking and talking without any action, is a disservice to anything that you ‘dream’ about. The essence of dreaming, is to wake up and do something that takes you closer to the dream each day. Imagine if our ancestors, our heroes, had just ‘dreamed’ in the abstract sense. What would have happened, if they had endeavoured to make it a reality that they live in? Ponder over the weekend.

Encouragement and motivation to do good, through the acts of others, is still abound despite the country’s volatile state. There remain people who are still focused on making the lives of children, of the sick better. 

If you can even JMD 100, it will go a long way. Sagicor Sigma has a target and they are enlisted every citizen’s help to contribute to the causes. It is news such as these that encourages PFS and further motivate us to continue to improve the lives of our customers the best way we know how. Who’s going running next week???
PFS sends you off into a safe, prayerful and relaxing weekend, for your, your family, relatives and friends. Enjoy your weekend!!!

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