Happy Wednesday Jamaica!!!

The best way to honour our heroes this Black History month is to do and honour what they would have ultimately sacrificed a lot, even their lives for. Take a trip back to history classes, learn more about our heroes as people and what mattered to them when they were alive. Only then can we understand and really identify personally, with why we believe they were posthumously made heroes. How can we honour or heroes b y doing the very thing they fought against? Is it ok to say, that they fought against the white man for independence and for the end of slavery; and that what we are doing is different? Even though we seek to drive fear into the population using whatever creative tactics we come up with?

As a business citizen, PFS is aware of the tense times our country is now in, particularly for our women and children. We urge every household to protect your loved ones and use every realistic precautionary method you can. The Jamaica Constabulary Force has listed some guidelines that women can use to be more alert on the roads. As you conduct your daily businesses; school work, errands etc., make it an item on your checklist to be vigilant. PFS encourages you to be smart and our prayers are with the mourning families. Again, is this how we honour the lives of those who lived before us?

As PFS encourages all our family to take every legal step to protect themselves and their loved ones, we hope you have a remainder of week, wherein, you are vigilant but bold and ready to act should you have to. 



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