Be Positive: Focus on the Positive!!!

If each of us, from the core of our beings, decided to have a more positive outlook and approach to all the hassles of life; conflict resolution, differences of opinions, and everything between, we would see a noticeable difference in the structure of our society.

PFS encourages all citizens that in the time of great upheaval, whether it can be explained and/or readily fixed (or not), that we strive for reconciliation as opposed to retaliation. Positivity needs to be a part of our culture and it needs to start with positive thoughts. Thoughts and actions are not independent of each other, and as we celebrate our rich Black History throughout February, let us seek to emulate those qualities for which we have granted our heroes their statuses. Our country needs more heroes and heroines. Let us try it, positivity becomes easier once we keep practising it!!!

Even when it seems that our heroes were to be the only ones for our country, we have heroes in the making. These businesses and individuals, are not daunted by the seemingly mountainous task of restoring equality and access to a healthy lifestyles. Instead, they devote their time, and as much of their resources as possible to a cause they are passionate about. Heroism is not dead in Jamaica, but it needs to become popular again!!! You are invited to make your contributions to Sagicor’s cause.

We send you into the weekend with a little motivation from Marcus Garvey, “if you haven’t confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you started.” Marcus Garvey’s conviction on self-confidence has opportunity to ring true today in our lives. You have to be confident that you can become a positive force for your country.

Have a positive weekend PFS family!!! 




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