Another Monday is upon us, which will see us saying goodbye to February, #gasps, day after tomorrow. Here’s to PFS wishing you a productive week. Our tip for this week is simple and proven: “team work, makes the dream work.” Reach out and graciously accept the gift of your colleagues as teammates to  collaborate with or obtain support in difficult tasks.

Any success of business needs team effort and even your personal success is not born/ will not be born out of isolation. It will require a team of events, team of support and every other item that is relevant to your success. PFS would have been giving tips on how to be productive from an individual perspective. We will now look at how team productivity (stemming from individual productivity, of course) can impact greatly the success of any venture. Stay tuned!!!


Yes.. Yes.. February wasn’t all that much shorter than January, save for 3 days. The point is: all time must be maximized and performance consistently optimized. We hope through reflecting this month, you will be on your way to making reflection a habit (ideally, we hope it is already a habit); ultimately this prepares you for reflecting as a team, which we will look into come March’s month end, God’s willing.


We are at “Kiss and say goodbye to February”, yet PFS is milking the month for all its worth, as we shift focus, however, hope that this Black History Month, has renewed a sense of patriotism in our citizens; no one citizen can bring us to a brighter, safer and more inclusive future alone. Our inspiration for the week comes from poet Maya Angelou: “love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”

With so much said, have a proactive and productive week!!!


Happy Jamaica Friday!!!

alexander-sculpting Jamaica Day Trivia: Do you know who this is and where this is? Hint: Birthday. He is also on our #OneDollar coin

Invoking a spirit of acknowledging that you are a part of this country and that you are committed to investing in the growth and development of this country is what Jamaica is about. Our children have taken it seriously, coming dressed and active to perform traditional dances, poems and other forms of art. If Legacy is the focus, then the spending considerable time explaining to them what it means to be a Jamaica, is the next logical course of action. Let’s explain love, service to country and service to fellow men. Happy Jamaica Day!!!


As celebrations for Black History Month come to a close, PFS encourages us all to take away something positive from how our ancestors lived. Learn from the mistakes they made means we do not have to make the same mistakes. Through their lives, we have intelligence abound to use for our growth and development.What do you say we think on the virtues of our heroes then see if we can identify any within ourselves. PFS Dares you to dream bold and make your own contribution to your country using your strengths for positivity and upliftment.

And because it is Friday,w e say have a safe weekend. For those of us who have hit ‘Pay-Day’ remember to stick to your budget and get the best value for your money.

Happy Productive Wednesday!!!

What better way to get pumped up??? A Jamaican is in the Top 10!!! Oh Yes!! We definitely need to have more conversation of the integral roles Teachers play in any society, but for this Teacher, she did not need to be told or trained to act with compassion and passion for her job. The mere nomination and the sheer determination with she ‘worked’ on herself as an individual and on her students, is nothing short of inspiring. What did we tell you? History can be made everyday and is being made everyday!!! Happy Black History Month Jamaica!!

As a proud Business Citizen, PFS continues to laud the energy and resilience, despite tough times, of entrepreneurs. Our tip for this week for the passionate is: “Play up what you’ve got, and forget about what you don’t have.” – Barbara Corcoran.


Just in case you thought there were not many noteworthy and influential Black Entrepreneurs: we give you this. Such wealth as Forten had, had to create employment from an opportunity. Do you think Forten had any initial fear to buying/ owning the company? Do you think he knew from day 1 that he wanted to be the leader of other sail-makers?

In our Start-Up Corner, PFS has a question for every aspirant; whether to raise additional funds from this venture or operate it full time, we have to know and you also have to know: “are you just venturing for profit or will you be solving a problem?” Food for thought.

Have a productive mid-week family!!!


Start the week Right!!!

Productivity Increase
Setting the right tone for your week is key to ensuring that your brain is not distracted by matters other than the tasks at hand, especially on the job. In helping you to manage tasks, our Productivity tip speak to creating a ‘Stop Doing’ list. Much like your to-do list, creating this list helps you to eliminate the activities that are a great distraction to you doing your duties. This is another great reason to take breaks, after focusing on a task. During the time you are taking a breather, you can let your mind wander a little but not too far.
It has been a while, that we made any posting on Financial resolutions. The reason for this is simply that financial planning does not happen overnight and it requires applied discipline to see results. We encourage that every financial decision, should reflect sound decisions and responsible use of money, as much as possible.
PFS sends you off into your week on the right foot. As your Partner in Finance, we leave you with a quote from Martin Luther King Jr., as we continue to observe Black History Month: “darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”




Happy Friday!!!

Thankfully we have all come through a week, having had its fair share of triumphs and challenges, rain and sunshine, progresses and setbacks. Since we are all here, it is safe to say, we have attained some level of triumph over the week itself. 

Productivity Increase

We hope this Black History month has, thus far, incited renewed passion and inspiration in all of us, as we work on ourselves to transform our families, places of work and our nation. Today, we send you off into the weekend, which for most is packed with a different type of work than on the job. You may need a little down time. “Do only the things you love, whilst procrastinating.” Is this giving us unlimited permission to procrastinate? Even if, do not over-procrastinate, but a little doesn’t hurt.


As we continue to observe Black History Month, PFS puts our ‘Dream’ twist on it. Here is what Malcolm X has to say: “You can always chase a dream, but it will not count if you never catch it.” Basically, Malcolm is saying what PFS has been, in a different way, for your dream to work and be actualised, you have to work; otherwise it’s just a thought. Regardless of shifted focus in the country’s landscape, wasn’t it to all our benefit, that our ancestors had dreams?

As usual, PFS sends you off into a safe and responsible weekend; where you are vigilant, you spend wisely and get some time to relax, amidst all the chores. Have a good one family!!!!


How are we standing out?

As we are still in Black History Month, and celebrating heroes of our ancestry, we uncover they all have one thing in common; their actions setting them apart from a crowd. Though their actions may have been for a community purpose, sometimes, you have to do the a little more than ordinary even if the same beneficiaries are satisfied with being ordinary.
Standing out means doing what is right, good and just, as often as we can, regardless of the situation. Our heroes would have also been deeply passionate about their cause and would have worked hard for the benefit of all, due to their love for their fellow men. You can stand out by showing more LOVE. Not just on one day, and not just in one way or to one special person (to that special someone), but to everyone. If we allow love to guide our actions, it will become a genuine habit, a new way of life. That is how we can stand out in this day and time where the few and sparsely between displays of love and compassion, are prone to suspicion. It means that our people are not used to showing and receiving love. Is this how we want to stand out? As a people? As a country?
We implore more amongst us to unearth our love for our country. According to Charles Dickens: “in love of home, the love of country has it’s rise.” Most of us have lived only in Jamaica for our entire lives, and though we may have dreams to travel, ultimately, if you had all# your hearts’ desire, would you choose to live in Jamaica? We have available for us to build or break, a country, a civilization, that our ancestors have sacrificed their lives for. Is this how they would have wanted Jamaica to stand out?

Have a loving week PFS family!!!


PFS knows that many are dreaming of a safer Jamaica, where our children and women will not have to be suspicious of a strange male. We know many must be dreaming of a country, where it is second nature for our men, the heads of the households, to love,  support, protect and look out for every female and denounce the blatant expressions of violence portrayed by their cohorts. But, if we all sit and say it does not concern us personally (until violence comes knocking, which is highly probable), then a dream remains just an abstract and detached view on a topic. Just thinking and talking without any action, is a disservice to anything that you ‘dream’ about. The essence of dreaming, is to wake up and do something that takes you closer to the dream each day. Imagine if our ancestors, our heroes, had just ‘dreamed’ in the abstract sense. What would have happened, if they had endeavoured to make it a reality that they live in? Ponder over the weekend.

Encouragement and motivation to do good, through the acts of others, is still abound despite the country’s volatile state. There remain people who are still focused on making the lives of children, of the sick better. 

If you can even JMD 100, it will go a long way. Sagicor Sigma has a target and they are enlisted every citizen’s help to contribute to the causes. It is news such as these that encourages PFS and further motivate us to continue to improve the lives of our customers the best way we know how. Who’s going running next week???
PFS sends you off into a safe, prayerful and relaxing weekend, for your, your family, relatives and friends. Enjoy your weekend!!!