Happy to see the Weekend???

It is good to see that we have all lived to see another week!! Let us rejoice and be thankful for all we have accomplished and the lessons we have learned. PFS encourages you to continue to do what it is that has been productively working for you.
PFS continues to sensationalize the soon coming of exciting products for our youth. Since last week some students would have been counselled on ideas to be an entrepreneur on campus; more students are giving serious thought to this!!! Just think: we get the youths excited about doing business in Jamaica and lay the foundation for a legacy, means more youth will find our country the ultimate destination to live, work, raise families and do business. PFS encourages exploration for our youth, and we also encourage them to stick around and give back of their talents, resources and ingenious ideas to build a better future, for themselves and their country. To all the Youths: PFS has thought of you!!!
Anyone ever felt a little down or energy precariously close to complete depletion. Humour has been known to be a relief and a reprieve. This is a good one we found on Google images. Those people at #someecards- are really doing some deep thinking.

Honestly, even with loving what you do, totally, aren’t we ALL happy and relieved for Friday- the gateway to the weekend? Even if we have to work, we can feel less guilty about relaxing a little, because it is the weekend.  Have a relaxing weekend family!!!


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