Start your week with the Right Mindset!!!

It is indeed a blessing to see another Monday!! PFS welcomes you to a new week that we hope you will take on with renewed energy and dauntless optimism. The sun is just peeking through the clouds, after a few minutes of cloudy skies and just a little drizzle. It means change can happen in the blink of an eye and sometimes without warning. Go forth this week, expecting change and expecting to overcome change!!!

Our financial inspiration for the week: “You don’t have to be a miser, just be wiser with your money.” Dorethia Conner Kelly.

For our other news feature this week: we highlight one of the major health concerns of women and we implore all of our family to do their best to take care of their health. It is not too late to start.

Monday humour: This is so not true!! Even if it did, maybe you could arrange with your boss to do all the work on this day and take the rest of the week off???? (#laughing)

Have a blessed and fulfilling week PFS Family!!!


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