PFS wishes you a DARING Friday……

Third Friday into the month and January will only laugh a handful more off days. Morale: Time cannot be recovered, every moment has to be lived as how special it is, with memories that stay alive even when that special moment is gone.

PFS is still on the subject of dreams, as without a clear and detailed concept of what it is we want for us lives, ultimately, we, unfortunately, are merely existing. PFS wants to helps you get the it right, identify that spark that ignites when you least expect it. We appeal especially to the youth of our country, from every parish, every household. We dare you to ask yourself: “what is my dream?” “What do I want to be remembered for?” It is important to know the answer to those questions and it is never too early to start working towards putting those actions to the test of reality, the sooner you start, the better and more fulfilled you will be as an adult, when it is your turn to serve your country, in one way or another. In the midst of chores, family and friends, you must endeavour to grab a few moments for yourself, regardless how young you are, let your imagination run wild, think of all the possibilities that if you want them badly enough, you can start doing something, little, each day that takes you closer. DREAM……………..
PFS has heard the voices of many college students and seen their innovative ways of earning money on campus. We have witnessed the tireless drive of our budding entrepreneurs, who take being an ‘all-rounded’ student seriously. Sure you may be doing a ‘roast’ now to earn extra money, or your saving for something special; but think of all the skills you are learning along the way… PFS applauds hard working students everywhere and we want to be involved!!!
With all that said and with all the excitement, yes PFS sends you off to spend some time with your dreams, amidst the weekend bustle of home, church, family and school. We hope you have at least half-as dreamy a weekend as this cuddly puppy!!!!

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