Happy Wednesday!!!

Hands up if January usually seems to be the longest month……(anyone?) It is Wednesday, and we have officially crossed the half mark for the month. Upon 18 days into the new year, based on the pace you have set in different areas of your life, you should by now, have a fair idea, of how the rest of your year will look. The bigger picture that is, whatever the bigger picture is that you had set. Each day, each month; is where the logistics come in, to bring you close to the bigger picture.
PFS has ambitious and hardworking customers. It is each of you, that made us decide to do all we can, to help you make the small but important steps towards your bigger pictures.Financially, this comes through disciplined behaviour and what better time to start, than now? A resolution you can work on within the next 3 months, can re-shape/change completely your spending behaviour. Experts dub it the 90 day rule. Basically, it’s your monthly budget multiplied by three. Calculating your financial worth after honouring all obligations, can clearly show what position you are in to make financial decisions later on. Your 90 day outlook can still have potential, if you stick to a realistically structured. budget.
To wish you a productive mid-week until we meet again on Friday, we share some of the news that usually makes PFS a proud Business citizen. It is news such as this that affects how we continuously evaluate our products and services to not only make a profit but improve lives and contribute to the bigger picture: our country.

Just in case you are considering the event or just curious about our expected international guests, you can read here or show face at Jamaica Pegasus, come Monday after next. Have a Productive mid week PFS family!!!!



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