Having A Proactive Monday???

PFS welcomes all to a new week. We hope you had a restful weekend.

For those of us who were in a ‘rebel-lious’ mode and showed up at Rebel Salute over the weekend, we hope you found some time to rest and that your partying (as all partying should be) was a responsible one.
Our Budgeting tip for this week, also considers the re-opening of school: Education is valuable and it is of high importance our children access education from the earliest age possible. When structuring your budget for the school week, after taking out money for your child’s travelling, you can maybe consider packing them lunch rather than spending more money to buy. It is time we became proactive and creative about how we spend every dollar of our hard earned money.“Leading your financing is better than your financing leading you.”
Is it time for your office to have its ‘new year: new strategy’ meetings, or are you fresh from one such intense meeting with a lot of ‘things to do’? It can be a daunting prospective, to having to remember all that needs to be done and how important each thing is. PFS says: 1. make a list of all you are responsible for doing; 2. List priority levels  (if given) and consider if any external factors affect you completing these tasks and state same and 3. link all your tasks to the Company’s bigger picture.  The core of the Company provides much motivation despite the level the Company is at. When you tie tasks to the Company’s bigger picture, you  are bound to feel motivated to complete the tasks and feel better about your job.

We hope you have a fantastic week!!!







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