Happy Friday!!!!

It is the first Friday of 2017 and PFS hopes it caught you on a high, positive and purposeful note. That’s right, PFS is about focus and purpose this year, and we encourage all of the family to follow suit. 

As PFS has DARE’d you this year, we reiterate the importance of financial smartness, that will benefit all families; extended, nuclear and single.

1.Extended families: can share expenses and responsibilities which eases the burden off of any one person.

2.Nuclear families: can discuss the stay-at-home spouse to pursue part-time employment. If both spouses are currently working, now is a good time,as any, to re-evaluate expenses, to ensure that money earned is well spent.

3.Single parents: taking a long and hard look at your bills per month should put you into perspective. Hopefully you have already started that and now know exactly what your bills looks like. Making your budget work for you means sticking to it, more often than not. It means less compulsive spending decisions, all round. This year, if you remind yourself, each time you think to spend compulsively, ‘if there is no space in my budget for it, I can’t afford it”, and mean it, then you should be able to curtail poor spending habits. Look at your lifestyle, ensure your needs are taken care of before considering additional spending.


We wish you a well rested weekend and will see you on Monday, as the work week for the New year in full swing!!! Happy Friday!!!!


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