A Prosperous 2017 we ask for…….

It is the fourth day of January and PFS welcomes you all to 2017. We hope with the dawn of a new year, comes the dawn of monumental changes in each of our lives, so we can co-exist better as a society. It is already evident that for your dreams to come true; it will take hard work, especially if you had made resolutions to make new beginnings this year. You now the chance….

PFS hopes this is the year for you to continue making sound and objective decisions, exercise financial smartness and maybe, take the ‘chasing your dream’ to an action level, after all the planning.
PFS wishes you all a safe and prosperous 2017. Which will only be actualised if we all as individuals exercise love, honesty, patience, truth, faith, determination and tenacity. Let these be some of your traits as you work towards what is important to you.
PFS intends to remain your Partner in Finance. We actively seek this year, to improve our products, service delivery and impact on a great country as this. We thank all our customers that have been a part of our family to this time and all that have already begun thinking of making us their partner.

As we seek to improve our personal and professional lives, PFS hopes you experience Wednesday on a high note!! Have a lovely day….


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