Goodbye January!!!

Today is the last Monday in January and come tomorrow, we say goodbye to the month altogether, so ready or not, February is incoming!!! Rumour has it, how the first month of the year goes, so goes the rest of the year. Superstition or not, each day should be seen as an opportunity to grow and make steps towards our dreams. 

As we are getting ready to say goodbye to January, counting all our blessing of life most importantly, let us pause to reflect on what we did, how we have grown, what lessons we have learnt and how these lessons will help shape more edified decisions and actions in next month.Remember, all work and no reward does nothing for your motivation; once you achieved even one thing that you had set out to achieve in this month, speak positive affirmations to yourself, and if you can afford to, treat yourself/ do something special, for you…
Productivity Increase
As it is a time for reflection, on your personal, professional and financial outputs, one can only benefit from going for a walk. This helps to clear mental clutter and keep you aligned with you goals you have set out. This only means good things for your productivity.
We leave you with this quote for the week, from Arnold Bennett: “the beauty about time is that you cannot waste it in advance. The next year, the next day, the next hour are lying ready for you, as perfect, as unspoiled, as if you had never wasted or misapplied a single moment in all your life. You can turn over a new leaf every hour, if you choose.”

Have a blessed, inspired and productive week PFS family!!!


Happy to see the Weekend???

It is good to see that we have all lived to see another week!! Let us rejoice and be thankful for all we have accomplished and the lessons we have learned. PFS encourages you to continue to do what it is that has been productively working for you.
PFS continues to sensationalize the soon coming of exciting products for our youth. Since last week some students would have been counselled on ideas to be an entrepreneur on campus; more students are giving serious thought to this!!! Just think: we get the youths excited about doing business in Jamaica and lay the foundation for a legacy, means more youth will find our country the ultimate destination to live, work, raise families and do business. PFS encourages exploration for our youth, and we also encourage them to stick around and give back of their talents, resources and ingenious ideas to build a better future, for themselves and their country. To all the Youths: PFS has thought of you!!!
Anyone ever felt a little down or energy precariously close to complete depletion. Humour has been known to be a relief and a reprieve. This is a good one we found on Google images. Those people at #someecards- are really doing some deep thinking.

Honestly, even with loving what you do, totally, aren’t we ALL happy and relieved for Friday- the gateway to the weekend? Even if we have to work, we can feel less guilty about relaxing a little, because it is the weekend.  Have a relaxing weekend family!!!

Mid-Week Inspiration!!!

For those who are a part of PFS’ family, you will know that we take our service delivery seriously and every suggestion from our customers is carefully considered. 

As a proud Business Citizen, PFS is in turn inspired by the energy of young entrepreneurs, whose drive towards unique and innovative business ideas solves problems and in turn creates employment opportunities. It therefore makes us proud to have been supporting and encouraging entrepreneurial innovation and even traditional businesses that have been steadily earning and have more potential to earn, if greater management is practiced.
As a proud Business Citizen, PFS is in turn inspired by the energy of young entrepreneurs, whose drive towards unique and innovative business ideas solves problems and in turn creates employment opportunities. It therefore makes us proud to have been supporting and encouraging entrepreneurial innovation and even traditional businesses that have been steadily earning and have more potential to earn, if greater management is practiced.

Practical and proven advice is the best advice to get. We provide a little entrepreneurial motivation to our customers and those who have a passion and an idea, that they believe can solve a problem. Take a lesson from this couple’s page and see if it works for you and more importantly heed the positive affirmations; from one entrepreneur to another, by PFS.

We hope you have a fantastic Wednesday and encourage you to keep up the momentum that has so far kept you this week. Have an inspired one!!!


Start your week with the Right Mindset!!!

It is indeed a blessing to see another Monday!! PFS welcomes you to a new week that we hope you will take on with renewed energy and dauntless optimism. The sun is just peeking through the clouds, after a few minutes of cloudy skies and just a little drizzle. It means change can happen in the blink of an eye and sometimes without warning. Go forth this week, expecting change and expecting to overcome change!!!

Our financial inspiration for the week: “You don’t have to be a miser, just be wiser with your money.” Dorethia Conner Kelly.

For our other news feature this week: we highlight one of the major health concerns of women and we implore all of our family to do their best to take care of their health. It is not too late to start.

Monday humour: This is so not true!! Even if it did, maybe you could arrange with your boss to do all the work on this day and take the rest of the week off???? (#laughing)

Have a blessed and fulfilling week PFS Family!!!

PFS wishes you a DARING Friday……

Third Friday into the month and January will only laugh a handful more off days. Morale: Time cannot be recovered, every moment has to be lived as how special it is, with memories that stay alive even when that special moment is gone.

PFS is still on the subject of dreams, as without a clear and detailed concept of what it is we want for us lives, ultimately, we, unfortunately, are merely existing. PFS wants to helps you get the it right, identify that spark that ignites when you least expect it. We appeal especially to the youth of our country, from every parish, every household. We dare you to ask yourself: “what is my dream?” “What do I want to be remembered for?” It is important to know the answer to those questions and it is never too early to start working towards putting those actions to the test of reality, the sooner you start, the better and more fulfilled you will be as an adult, when it is your turn to serve your country, in one way or another. In the midst of chores, family and friends, you must endeavour to grab a few moments for yourself, regardless how young you are, let your imagination run wild, think of all the possibilities that if you want them badly enough, you can start doing something, little, each day that takes you closer. DREAM……………..
PFS has heard the voices of many college students and seen their innovative ways of earning money on campus. We have witnessed the tireless drive of our budding entrepreneurs, who take being an ‘all-rounded’ student seriously. Sure you may be doing a ‘roast’ now to earn extra money, or your saving for something special; but think of all the skills you are learning along the way… PFS applauds hard working students everywhere and we want to be involved!!!
With all that said and with all the excitement, yes PFS sends you off to spend some time with your dreams, amidst the weekend bustle of home, church, family and school. We hope you have at least half-as dreamy a weekend as this cuddly puppy!!!!

Happy Wednesday!!!

Hands up if January usually seems to be the longest month……(anyone?) It is Wednesday, and we have officially crossed the half mark for the month. Upon 18 days into the new year, based on the pace you have set in different areas of your life, you should by now, have a fair idea, of how the rest of your year will look. The bigger picture that is, whatever the bigger picture is that you had set. Each day, each month; is where the logistics come in, to bring you close to the bigger picture.
PFS has ambitious and hardworking customers. It is each of you, that made us decide to do all we can, to help you make the small but important steps towards your bigger pictures.Financially, this comes through disciplined behaviour and what better time to start, than now? A resolution you can work on within the next 3 months, can re-shape/change completely your spending behaviour. Experts dub it the 90 day rule. Basically, it’s your monthly budget multiplied by three. Calculating your financial worth after honouring all obligations, can clearly show what position you are in to make financial decisions later on. Your 90 day outlook can still have potential, if you stick to a realistically structured. budget.
To wish you a productive mid-week until we meet again on Friday, we share some of the news that usually makes PFS a proud Business citizen. It is news such as this that affects how we continuously evaluate our products and services to not only make a profit but improve lives and contribute to the bigger picture: our country.

Just in case you are considering the event or just curious about our expected international guests, you can read here or show face at Jamaica Pegasus, come Monday after next. Have a Productive mid week PFS family!!!!


Having A Proactive Monday???

PFS welcomes all to a new week. We hope you had a restful weekend.

For those of us who were in a ‘rebel-lious’ mode and showed up at Rebel Salute over the weekend, we hope you found some time to rest and that your partying (as all partying should be) was a responsible one.
Our Budgeting tip for this week, also considers the re-opening of school: Education is valuable and it is of high importance our children access education from the earliest age possible. When structuring your budget for the school week, after taking out money for your child’s travelling, you can maybe consider packing them lunch rather than spending more money to buy. It is time we became proactive and creative about how we spend every dollar of our hard earned money.“Leading your financing is better than your financing leading you.”
Is it time for your office to have its ‘new year: new strategy’ meetings, or are you fresh from one such intense meeting with a lot of ‘things to do’? It can be a daunting prospective, to having to remember all that needs to be done and how important each thing is. PFS says: 1. make a list of all you are responsible for doing; 2. List priority levels  (if given) and consider if any external factors affect you completing these tasks and state same and 3. link all your tasks to the Company’s bigger picture.  The core of the Company provides much motivation despite the level the Company is at. When you tie tasks to the Company’s bigger picture, you  are bound to feel motivated to complete the tasks and feel better about your job.

We hope you have a fantastic week!!!