IT was PFS’ Pleasure Serving you this year!!!

As we all embark on closing off 2016, put plans to paper to act on in 2017, PFS encourages all of us to count the many blessings we had this year. Blessings in our homes, our businesses and everywhere in between. All lessons we learnt from are to be counted as blessings of the ability to endure.

PFS has some new and exciting ventures for 2017, that we will surprise our customers with for the New Years. Stay tuned!!!

As far as the customary New Year’s Resolutions go, some are afflicted with not keeping any of the exhausted list they would have created. PFS endorses, that your dream (what keeps you awake at night working at it and puts a smile on your face whenever you think of it) should be the focal point of your resolutions for 2017.


PFS has had its share amount of notable moments for 2016. Our main resolution coming into 2016, was to increase operative effectiveness and make our products more affordable.  we are immensely pleased in announcing that we kept that promise. We also provided value added services to our customers under our Health Service Initiative. We have our Resident General Practitioner to thank for remaining loyal to us, as we endeavoured to give back to our customers. At the close of 2016.
At the end of 2016, PFS is proud to have kept an important promise to our customers. Added to which, our relocation to 8 Eureka Crescent, was welcomed as a more centralized location with conveniences. PFS is overwhelmed by the support we have received from our understanding customers.
PFS dares you all to plan towards your dreams, dreams that see all of us using our talent and strengths for good and upliftment of ourselves and as much of those around us, as possible. We hope for 2017, you continue to: Dream, Aspire – to always be a better version of yourself, Reward– yourself for your hard work and achievements and Encourage yourself firstly, which then makes encouraging others easier and more fulfilling. As Eleanor Roosevelt encourages: “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

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