Live Life Everyday Like it is a Holiday!!!

How can you live everyday as though it were a holiday when the holidays themselves are clearly marked on your calendar??? Especially Christmas time and New Years? Simple, sum up what you celebrate during these times: love, family, sacrifice, positivity, resolutions and joy in spite of circumstances.  Spread this throughout the entire year and notice the difference. Give it a go for 2017, even for a few months and note if your satisfaction with self, happiness with self, peace with self and others, have improved. 

PFS dares you to live each day as though it is a holiday. Make everyday a holiday and celebrate life!!!

We hope all customers and their families have come through the holidays, feeling mostly rejuvenated and positive. We also hope that as is customary after the hefty holiday spending; that period of “brukness” does not ail you. We look forward to being informed that our budgeting and spending tips to survive the holidays, had taken root in your personal financial plans and that your budget (money in bank vs. expenditure) still holds. 

We also hope you had a safe holiday and that our tips will remain your practice, even though the most hectic portion of the holiday season is now over.
Productivity Increase
PFS wishes you a productive mid-week. Remember, “focus is the key to remaining productive, even amidst chaos.” – Adopted




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