Happy Friday!!!!!

Good morning PFS Team!!! Today’s motivational tip to end your work week on a high note and to start of your weekend on an equally high note, comes from Buddha: “Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart, give yourself to it.”
Our PFS Holiday spending tip is: List all those you intend to give/ exchange gifts with. Also, it is easy to get caught up in the gift exchanges around the work place, at school etc., it is important to stick to the spending limit you had initially set. You can still spread the Holiday spirit by using small methods to spread the cheer far and wide. Remember, it is important to exchange gifts during the holiday season, and it is equally important to spend quality time together and create cherishable memories.

Before PFS sends you off into your weekend, we provide a bit of caution for you too exercise as we go about our busy businesses in the heights of one the most popular holiday seasons. It is your right to feel safe whilst you travel each day, and part of the responsibility for keeping you safe, lies with you. We understand that it is the day and age of Social Media (case in point), however, even virtually we implore with you to exercise prudence and caution. 

Be careful of the amount of information you provide over the internet about your plans and whereabouts. Keep such information in only the closest possible circles. The most important people to know and be concerned with your whereabouts are your families, spouses and close relatives; people whom are sometimes not on Social Media. Limit the information to protect yourselves.

And as you cruise (productively) through Friday, PFS hopes you have a fantastic weekend!!!






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