Merry Productive Monday!!!

You may be wondering how the words “merry” and “productive” can be in one sentence. Make no mistake, it can be achieved and the phrase has a nice ring to it.

For employers everywhere, festive seasons can be a strain on productivity as they have to work doubly hard to reign in their employees that get distracted easiest. It is a good idea to infuse some of the celebration into the office, a positive, “merry” environment can encourage and reward hard and smart work. 

For the employees, if there were a perfect time to plan and outline your key tasks to be accomplished on a daily/ weekly basis, it is now, in this period of heightened distraction. Getting swept away by thoughts to holiday plannings and family get-togethers, can eat into your scheduled work hours, decreasing your output performance.


Keep a diary and stick to it, if you are easily distracted. This way you can also track what are the tasks you have neglected to do.
The Holiday season can put a strain on productivity, but only if you allow yourself to be totally absorbed, overwhelmed and overcome by it. If you find that you are not able to maintain focus by yourself, despite all your planning, then speak to a trusted colleague or mentor, someone that help you re-shift priorities to that of your work place during work hours.

Have a rich and Productive week PFS family!!!


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