Happy First Friday!!!

It is the first Friday of arguably the merriest month of the year!!! PFS welcome you all to a cool (cold for some) and festive December. We implore with you, if all else cannot be achieved, that some quality time is spent with family, friends and other loved ones.

Family is important, remember that every moment spent are moments cherished.

PFS would like to make your holidays as stress-free as possible,  and with your financial burdens eased. Through constant revision of our products and our promotion of responsible borrowing, we salute every employee by ensuring their best financial interests are secured. For those who believe our Personal loan promotion was finished, we are here to inform you that it has been extended.

PFS’ Personal Loans are known to help many of our customers out of their financial constraints. time and again. Let PFS solve your financial troubles.

Yesterday was World Aids Day, and Jamaica did her part in raising awareness to all citizens. Various health agencies did their part in promoting routine HIV testing, leading to a healthier quality of life and early treatment for those who test positive. Based on research and treatment of the 21st century, living with HIV/AIDS, as other illnesses, will take some lifestyle adjustments, however, this does not mean quality of life has to be drastically diminished.

PFS fully endorses healthy lifestyle choices and so we encourage ALL to do as the theme for this year generally endorses: “to get tested”.

We send you off into your first weekend of December an d encourage you to remain vigilant and courteous on the roads, in the stores and everywhere in between.

Have a lovely weekend PFS family!!!



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