IT was PFS’ Pleasure Serving you this year!!!

As we all embark on closing off 2016, put plans to paper to act on in 2017, PFS encourages all of us to count the many blessings we had this year. Blessings in our homes, our businesses and everywhere in between. All lessons we learnt from are to be counted as blessings of the ability to endure.

PFS has some new and exciting ventures for 2017, that we will surprise our customers with for the New Years. Stay tuned!!!

As far as the customary New Year’s Resolutions go, some are afflicted with not keeping any of the exhausted list they would have created. PFS endorses, that your dream (what keeps you awake at night working at it and puts a smile on your face whenever you think of it) should be the focal point of your resolutions for 2017.


PFS has had its share amount of notable moments for 2016. Our main resolution coming into 2016, was to increase operative effectiveness and make our products more affordable.  we are immensely pleased in announcing that we kept that promise. We also provided value added services to our customers under our Health Service Initiative. We have our Resident General Practitioner to thank for remaining loyal to us, as we endeavoured to give back to our customers. At the close of 2016.
At the end of 2016, PFS is proud to have kept an important promise to our customers. Added to which, our relocation to 8 Eureka Crescent, was welcomed as a more centralized location with conveniences. PFS is overwhelmed by the support we have received from our understanding customers.
PFS dares you all to plan towards your dreams, dreams that see all of us using our talent and strengths for good and upliftment of ourselves and as much of those around us, as possible. We hope for 2017, you continue to: Dream, Aspire – to always be a better version of yourself, Reward– yourself for your hard work and achievements and Encourage yourself firstly, which then makes encouraging others easier and more fulfilling. As Eleanor Roosevelt encourages: “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Live Life Everyday Like it is a Holiday!!!

How can you live everyday as though it were a holiday when the holidays themselves are clearly marked on your calendar??? Especially Christmas time and New Years? Simple, sum up what you celebrate during these times: love, family, sacrifice, positivity, resolutions and joy in spite of circumstances.  Spread this throughout the entire year and notice the difference. Give it a go for 2017, even for a few months and note if your satisfaction with self, happiness with self, peace with self and others, have improved. 

PFS dares you to live each day as though it is a holiday. Make everyday a holiday and celebrate life!!!

We hope all customers and their families have come through the holidays, feeling mostly rejuvenated and positive. We also hope that as is customary after the hefty holiday spending; that period of “brukness” does not ail you. We look forward to being informed that our budgeting and spending tips to survive the holidays, had taken root in your personal financial plans and that your budget (money in bank vs. expenditure) still holds. 

We also hope you had a safe holiday and that our tips will remain your practice, even though the most hectic portion of the holiday season is now over.
Productivity Increase
PFS wishes you a productive mid-week. Remember, “focus is the key to remaining productive, even amidst chaos.” – Adopted



PFS gives you benefits: Happy Holidays!!!

PFS says congratulations to all our customers that have benefited from our “the more you pay, the more you benefit” promotion!!! This holiday seasons only gets better when your partner in Finance, increases what you pay by up to 10-20%. Just think, you are making your scheduled installment and we are increasing that amount!!!! It is our way of saying thank you for making us your partner for 2016!!!
And this week is the tentative week for most of us, especially those of us that do not have flexible working hours. We have all worked hard, saved from our income and made sacrifices to ensure that during the holiday season, we are surrounded by the people we love and we treat those around us, even if it once for the year. Our safe shopping tip is: “Use ATMs in highly populated areas, preferably during the day.” PFS encourages you all to remain courteous and kind as you go about your busy days. Also be understanding, it is highly possible that the next person is just as busy as you are, with even more responsibilities. Kindness goes a far way.
Productivity Increase
Our productive inspiration this week comes from Paul Meyer, “Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort.” Fully endorsed by PFS, Mr. Meyers, so for all who believe productivity cannot be achieved during the holidays, enough planning and effort may not have been invested. Up your game today!!

With all this said PFS wishes all out customers and friends a productive and fulfilling week!!!




With PFS You Get More Benefits!!!!

What better way to ring in the Friday than with great news that your Partner in Finance. For all our customers, PFS has ensured that you will benefit this holiday season when you pay your installments!!!!! This is PFS’ way of saying thank you to all our loyal customers, whom we exist to serve.
Productivity Increase
We hope you have a productive end of work day and work week. We will see you on the other side of next week.
Our Holiday Shopping Safety tip for this week is: “When shopping with small children, make a plan with them/ tell them what to do in case you get separated.” Example, look for an adult in security uniform. To do this, you show them the basics of a security uniform, whether Police or store security guards.

We also leave you with an inspiring quote for your weekend: “That man is richest, whose pleasures are cheapest.” Henry David Thoreau

We hope you have a relaxing weekend PFS family!!!


Happy Monday!!!!

PFS will keep our greeting short, sweet and spicy today, as we wish ALL of our family a productive and highly motivated Monday.

Today’s motivational quote comes from Aristotle: “Happiness depends upon ourselves.”

Since we are all have that choice to choose happiness, let’s go forth and spread it today!!!

Stay tuned to PFS, as we do our Year in Review: PFS Style!!!

And imagine, if we brought our hearts and passions to work each day, we would find new and uniquely creative ways to make your job more satisfying. That way no one hates Monday!!!!

Have a Productive Monday!!!!!!

Happy Friday!!!!!

Good morning PFS Team!!! Today’s motivational tip to end your work week on a high note and to start of your weekend on an equally high note, comes from Buddha: “Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart, give yourself to it.”
Our PFS Holiday spending tip is: List all those you intend to give/ exchange gifts with. Also, it is easy to get caught up in the gift exchanges around the work place, at school etc., it is important to stick to the spending limit you had initially set. You can still spread the Holiday spirit by using small methods to spread the cheer far and wide. Remember, it is important to exchange gifts during the holiday season, and it is equally important to spend quality time together and create cherishable memories.

Before PFS sends you off into your weekend, we provide a bit of caution for you too exercise as we go about our busy businesses in the heights of one the most popular holiday seasons. It is your right to feel safe whilst you travel each day, and part of the responsibility for keeping you safe, lies with you. We understand that it is the day and age of Social Media (case in point), however, even virtually we implore with you to exercise prudence and caution. 

Be careful of the amount of information you provide over the internet about your plans and whereabouts. Keep such information in only the closest possible circles. The most important people to know and be concerned with your whereabouts are your families, spouses and close relatives; people whom are sometimes not on Social Media. Limit the information to protect yourselves.

And as you cruise (productively) through Friday, PFS hopes you have a fantastic weekend!!!





MidWeek Partner Motivation

As your partner in Finance, PFS makes it our duty to keep you motivated and productive; we believe these traits pave the way for an excellent work day or day at home. It is Wednesday and to help you get over the pinnacle of the week, we have a motivational quote for you: “There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will.” – Epictetus
Productivity Increase
Our Productivity tip for the middle of the work week is: “Prioritize, prioritize and prioritize some more.” Even with the most structured to-do list for the the work day, you are to expect distraction or even impromptu requests. Your job is put them in one of three categories as suggested by CEOs and entrepreneurs: ‘Can this be be done now’, ‘can this be done later’ and ‘can this be done even later’. It also does not hurt to ask the requesting party, what their expected time of completion is and give them your feedback. Never lose sight of the bigger picture and what your desk is in fact, in charge of.
The upcoming holiday, whilst may not be observed for religious reasons by all, is undoubtedly a highly festive season with a culture of family togetherness and gift giving. PFS encourages all our customers and everyone in between , to look forward to spending quality time with your loved ones this holiday.

Then there is the whole matter of actual spending; it takes spending to travel to the country or even overseas, and it would remiss of us to go with our “two long hands”. PFS understands this and we do not discourage gift giving and family dinners, but for each family member, it is good to know your budget and how much you can afford to spend. 

When you know how you much you have to spend, then you can compare it with your list of gifts, to see how much can be bought. Remember, discipline is what will make your budget work. The purpose of budgeting will be defeated, if you do not stick to it.

Have a productive and disciplined mid-week PFS family!!!