Happy MONDAY!!!!

As today marks Local Government Election Day, PFS encourages all customers to be safe in conducting their daily businesses; for those inclined to voting, PFS is heartened by your exercising of your right to do so. 

Throughout the day’s proceedings, we encourage ALL to conduct their various businesses in vigilance, courtesy and mutual respect for all. Respect others’ opinions, just as how you wish them to respect yours.
PFS’ Productivity tip for the start of the week is: “Set up Productivity rituals.” This simply means you practice, until it becomes ingrained, to set out your key tasks to be accomplished each day. PFS has said this before and this simple outline can be done on the day before or on the morning of which you need to accomplish your tasks. It is always good to have a clear and firm idea, how you will achieve goals set out by your department/ manager.

Remember, productivity and consistently seeking to maximize on your available resources, using talents and achieving your company’s bottom-line, are all aimed at giving you a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction from what you have accomplished.

PFS will be opened until 2:00 pm today, as we too observe the local government elections. Remember, if you are working and can do Salary Deductions, you can apply for a personal loan at our new, central location, 8 Eureka Crescent.
Visit us today and let one of our experienced Credit Officers, guide you through our application process, focusing on your needs and helping to provide you with the most affordable repayment options. Come see us today!!!!

Whatever the outcome of the Elections, PFS remains “your partner in Finance.”


Good news for the Holidays!!!

PFS says Happy Thanksgiving Eve to our customers, whose families are abroad. We encourage you to send your loving words to them and make an extra effort to communicate with them at this time, it is family oriented holiday. Now is an ideal time, to use technology to be close to them, whether it is family or relatives. Of course, we don’t get the day off, but keep them in mind just the same.

The holidays are coming up and some of us may already be feeling anxious of what special plans they will put on for the holidays. It’s best to start shopping early, like any other season, and again have a budget, to control your spending.

Even if it is to take advantage of a bargain, it is important to still know your money.

Our mid-week productivity tip: “Learn from others.” Is there an individual that you look up  and admire certain traits and virtues. This can reap you benefits in the professional environment. Success is a subjective term, but it is always good to know and surround yourself with people that are motivated and constantly work to increase their productivity. You may see them constantly changing processes, to make way for quicker results, ideally without compromising quality. You can learn from these people. People who looks “as though they have their lives together and their wits about them.” It is better to admire and aspire after traits of those we deem success rather than the fruits of success that we may see.  


We have relocated!!!!!

A month ago, on this day, was the last post from PFS and we have a series of announcements to make. We sincerely apologize for the void that our followers have felt during our absence.

PFS has been relocated to 8 Eureka Crescent, Kingston 5!!!

A more centralized location. Surrounded by many conveniences: Azan’s, TAJ Cross Roads, HiLo Food Stores, MoneyGram, Western Union, FX Trader, Bill Express and much more. We are right in the middle, a few paces away from side of the stoplight. Visiting our office has just been made easier; you can now take care of your business in this vicinity and stop by our office. Our new location marks the beginning of more new and great things that PFS will embark on in the near future. We encourage you to stay glued to our Social Media Channels.

So much has changed since the 21st of October, yet the important things remain. PFS is still committed to remaining your partner in Finance and providing affordable loan products to help you achieve your goals.

A lot of activities, good and bad have happened during our hiatus. The most shocking one, being the new US President-elect, Donald Trump. There are Local Government elections looming on the horizon, and the unavoidable flare-up of violence and tragedies, encasing our island. Amidst it all, and through it all, PFS encourages you to be of a good, strong, hopeful and kind heart, you can never do wrong if you do this. God still is ALL POWERFUL, ALL KNOWING AND ALL SEEING.

We have not forgotten our Monday productivity tips and as we turn a new and fresh leave, we leave you with: “Have a single purpose focus.” What is the single most resounding focus of your company/ organization and what is the single most important role you play in this purpose? Ask yourself these  questions each morning, to constantly remind yourself of your purpose.

PFS too has a single purpose focus; when it comes to providing affordable and realistic loan solutions for all new and prospecting customers. It is why we consistently evaluate our products and services to ensure you feel like a part of the family and why we encourage responsible borrowing. Why we have amongst the most competitive interest rates as a loan company and the reason, we pride ourselves in being able to do so.

We wish you a very productive and fulfilling week. We look forward to meeting with you again mid-week. Have a blessed day!!!!