Partner with someone this weekend….

What does it mean to partner with someone? Search your circles and you are sure to find someone that needs a helping hand or can give you a helping hand. Anyone with whom you have a common goal or a common task to complete, is your partner. At this time much can be achieved through partnership, however, you must first acknowledge that this person is your partner and be willing to share the risks as well as the profits.                                    

You have a ‘Partner in Finance’ in PFS, has we have a common goal: to provide you with suitable, flexible and affordable loan solutions.

Happy Cyber Security Month!!! We are lauding FLOW (service provider) so far for having given tips on how to be Cyber Safe, in a day and age, where technology is increasing its importance and not just a passing phenomenon. Our Cyber tip for today, amidst the sea of sites and apps: 

Always protect your devices once you are online. Do not leave them idle and unattended. Most smart phones can be commanded to automatically lock after a set time has passed. You can set that time, as this ensures you are in full control of how your devices behaves in the cyber space. It is no excuse that you left your phone, computer or tablet unattended, when you find someone having used it.
Since PFS has been providing tips for all on National and International Days of Observation, and in particular, Breast Cancer Awareness, we always encourage you to get tested. Mammograms are feared as extremely painful, due to the compress procedure that it usually involves. You are all encouraged to be brave.
With no more further than good wishes, PFS hopes you make this Friday a good one and end it on a productive note.



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