PFS hopes you had a heroic weekend

For those of us who were not in attendance at the National Honours & Awards Ceremony 2016 and we just viewed from the comfort of home; we have Heroes Day celebrations to thank. For all the awardees, we say a big congratulations and that your work has not ended and you have much more in you. We all have much more in us.


Watching the day’s proceedings, one cannot help but be in awe, that there exists amongst us, people who believe they can make a difference and have sought to do so.


#CliftonHughes – Order of Distinction In The Rank Of Commander (CD) for outstanding service in Media and Communication.

#AdamStewart – Order of Distinction In The Rank Of Commander (CD) for outstanding contribution to Tourism and the Hotel Industry.

We truly hope that all of Jamaica has been inspired as we have been.

PFS hopes you have a productive and heroic week, and we will arm you with a productivity tip for this week: Ruthlessly block out distractions. Planning your work schedule and tasks are good, and it is also good to have a point of reference if you indeed get distracted. However, learning to block out distractions, can increase your productivity output. These distractions can be from within the workplace and those habits that you have (compulsively checking social media) etc. Distractions are different from taking breaks, as it is after you have focused on a single task until completion (or near it) that you take a break to recharge. A distraction would be stopping in the middle of that task. 

Dependent on how your brain works, persons may the price for distraction, it now takes more energy to regain the focus you had prior.

This productivity tip (as all others) are PFS’ way of endorsing that increased productivity can boost the economy. It does not take the economist or the accountant only, to do this. This is something that every citizen can do: take your job seriously, as it is a way of securing your income. When the culture as evolved that we are a more dedicated and productive people, it inspires more confidence in investor (both locally and internationally) and we all know that the country can use some strong and steady investment.

In continuing to observe Breast Cancer Awareness month: our interesting fact: Men can get Breast Cancer. Our preventative tip: Smoking increases your risk of Breast Cancer by 60%. Quit smoking!!!

Your partner in Finance sends you off to a week where you have the opportunity to do something heroic, as we too, do our part in being your financial heroes. This means we consistently improve our products and services to make your loan process as hassle free as possible.

Whatever sector you fall under, PFS has a loan product for you and your family. Remember, if we do not have a product designed with you in mind, we customize a loan product to suit your needs.

Have a blessed week PFS family!!!


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