A Proactive Thursday….

How long has it been, since we squinted and look, it’s Thursday already. It is fair to say that this week moved relatively fast, leading into an heroic weekend.

Our productivity tip for today is simple yet profound: Do the most important things first. Contrary to culture, Thursday, is an important day of the work week. It is not the day to leave things until Friday, which then means they do not get done until the start of the next week. Each work day comes with its unique set of tasks. If you have been taking our time management advice, you would see how scheduling impacts  your entire work week. This  sees no day without specific tasks, as you evenly distribute your tasks, according to your work pace and culture. Thursday is an effective to catch up on your secondary tasks.

Take it from the mogul behind the Ford brand ), revered amongst the sturdiest of vehicles. Built to suit any lifestyle. The industrialist and Founder of the Ford Motor Company, is telling each of us that all failures are learning opportunities.

Tomorrow is World Standards Day with the theme: Standards build Trust. Standards build more than trust: they build reliance and can cause any paradigm shift from what is right or wrong. PFS congratulates all the companies that have been ISO certified and at our nation level, we highlight the Bureau of Standards and the National Quality Awards ceremony held last evening at the Jamaica Pegasus. The environment would not have been anything less than perfect; as all in attendance had an appreciation for quality and do not support the notion of it being diminished in any product. In fact, as consumers, you are encouraged to  know the accepted standards. This ensures that you get quality for your hard earned money.

Promoting the highest quality standards is a movement PFS wholeheartedly endorses, as we too pride ourselves to ensure that at all times, our products and services are of quality and great value to each of our customers.

Use today, World Standards day, to set some standards in your life, evaluate the ones existing to see their effectiveness. We hope you have a productive Thursday; as it is not too late to set a standard for completing your tasks and professional goals.




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